How To Throw The Best Easter House Party

This Easter spend a lovely time with your family with lots of fun, food and frantic. Thankfully, since it falls in the summer (mostly during holidays) and amid the lockdown, you’ll have enough time to prepare and celebrate in full fervour.

While planning for an Easter house party, either you can experiment with different ideas of food and decoration, or you can plan a themed party with quirky characters and festive props. 

To help you plan your at-home Easter this year, these are some best Easter party ideas- 


Ditch the plain and simple food and opt for a theme-based food menu. You can prepare bunny-shaped food and decorations. You can carve a rabbit shape cake or make a rabbit out of icing for your Easter cake.

You can also opt for Easter cupcakes and pastries with their quirky shapes and delicious taste. You can also try different ideas like chocolate-filled eggs, carrot cheese balls, carrot sweets, etc.

You can make everything at home including trying your hand at making Easter chocolates. 


The fun part of Easter parties is quirky games and amid the lockdown, it makes absolute sense to pass your time with these games. You can make an egg station where kids young and old can paint eggs in their own styles.

As a prize, you can give them Easter chocolate gifts. There can also be hunt games, where your family is asked to hunt for Easter eggs hidden around the house with the help of clues and chits.

You can also have different activities like painting, nail arts, creative balloons, etc. to keep yourselves engaged and busy.  


The decoration in your house is the life of an Easter party. For this party, you can let your imagination run wild and decorate the party as you can.

You can use various DIY methods available online and try decorating the rooms in a unique way with Easter bunny doors, different bunny-shaped folders, and tents. You can also create placards and posters shaped in a bunny.  You can use quirky colours in cutlery, tablecloth, curtains, and even in decorations around the room. 


Any festival or party is incomplete without the exchange of gifts. You can look for Easter gifts online and choose from ample of different options. You can also find some Easter gift ideas if you look around yourself. You can gift things that are useful and also cute to look at. 

Irrespective of who the receiver is or how old he/ she is, you can always gift chocolate hampers as gifts. If you know their taste, you can pack chocolates based on their preferences. If not, custom chocolate gift packs available online will also do the trick.

You can also gift other things like cups, cushions, books, shopping cards, etc. 

Add your desired gifts to your cart and have them delivered to the doorstep of your loved ones, once the situation outside is better.

Easter is a chance to have a great time with your loved ones with parties, music, and laughter. Try making their party experience memorable through theme-based decorations with bunny, cute pastel colours, Easter eggs, and lots of fun. With these ideas, you can make the time spent with your loved ones at home even more special.

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