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Convert Your dream Into A Goal

Let’s convert your dream into a goal and answer how to make dreams come true in the real world.

We all dream. All men dream, but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds, wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act on their dreams with open eyes, to make them possible. “- T.E. Lawrence

Such a beautiful quote, isn’t it?

We all dream about something that we want to achieve. We all have that one summit in our lives that we want to scale.

But what would happen if one tries to scale the highest peak of the world without ensuring that one has acclimatized oneself to the surroundings and without being physically fit or experienced in mountain climbing?

Pretty obvious –the results would be disastrous.

Similarly, when we dream without considering certain aspects or without having the will to develop an action plan, we fail to turn it into a goal and even achieve it.

We fail to scale the summit of our lives owing to wrong approach and premature attempts when we are not even well equipped to begin. We run a marathon as though it were a print and fail miserably because we stop midway and are exhausted.


We believe the most famous line: “This isn’t my cup of tea.”

This is a vicious cycle that needs to break.

Let’s follow what I say to my clients –If you want to fix the results you are getting, fix the approach. The output is dependent on the input. Brooding over the output won’t help the cause.”: Nidhi Chauhan

I am here to guide you using my personal technique. I personally use this acronym to decide how I should be converting my dream into a goal. 

Let’s understand how to make dreams come true.


Driving factor


Estimated time frame



Driving factor

Ever wondered why some people go out of their way and persist with dedication in times when others give up and find it hard to go on? It is because their driving factor comes from something internal, something that holds great value to them.

When we set our internal compass based on something external, we end up losing our path and sense of direction. 

This is precisely why we need to evaluate and find out what our driving factor in life is. If it is something driven by opinions of others instead of our own dreams, it is time to hit the reset button. As someone very rightly said :

“Love your life or change it.”


Now that you have found an internal driving factor and your goal, it is important to have a roadmap to reach there.

When you know your WHY and WHAT, the HOW becomes an equally important factor and can be one of the key elements that will either make your journey long and tedious or long and eventful.

Yes, you read it right. I never used ‘short’ for the journey to your goal. Now, this is because anything and everything worthy of having surely never take a short duration to accomplish.

Rome wasn’t built in a day. It is also about the quality of your journey and depending on the way you layout your roadmap, you can make it enriching and beautiful or tiring. So, spend enough time on this one to build a realistic step by step process.

Why? Because “Every goal has it’s own roadmap to success.” – Roz Fruchtman.

Estimated time frame

We all like to live like we are here forever like we have so much time at our disposal that we can spend it chasing things that do not even bring a spark into our lives.

how to make dreams come true is a process.

When you want to move from having a dream of having a goal, it is important to have an estimated time frame and not leave it hanging indefinitely. After all, “
If it wasn’t for deadlines, nothing would get done.” When we quantify things and set deadlines, we are better equipped to trace the progress of the tasks and accomplish them effectively. 


The most important question is “IS THIS attainable, YET?” The reason I stress on YET is that you might not be fully ready to even begin the journey. It is true that nobody can be fully ready to accomplish something but one can always check the readiness to begin so as to gauge if one can use the initial knowledge as a base to continue learning on the journey towards the goal. “There are no guarantees, but being ready sure beats being taken by surprise.” : Donald Trump.

 If the answer to this question is Yes, then begin without any further ado. Create a roadmap, set an estimated time frame for certain milestones and go full throttle. If it is No, then take a step back to equip yourself with the basics that you will need to get started. After all, you cannot go scuba diving without a scuba diving suit and the necessary gear.

Once you have the gear on, you can go ahead and learn. Makes sense? Focus on how to make dreams come true.


Data and information help us make sense out of what we usually deem non-sensical. This is because our minds are better at handling things that are quantifiable and measurable.

Now, you know your WHY, WHAT and HOW. But if your roadmap is made without keeping in mind the measurability of your gal, it will hinder your progress instead of aiding it. The important step in how to make dreams come true.

Looking at a long road ahead of you will make you feel overwhelmed. Create milestones for yourself on your roadmap and celebrate small achievements. It is important to not be lost in the culture of ‘indefinite hustle’, don’t you think?

So, that is the acronym I follow personally to convert my dreams into actionable goals. I have personally used this in my life to attain what I wanted and I am sure it will help you too.

As you embark upon the quest of achieving your goal, remember that the only easy day was yesterday. Each day is a new beginning.

Start with the right driving factor, check for your readiness that will influence the attainability of the goal, set a roadmap, keep measuring your progress with respect to the specific time frames that you have set and persist, learn and grow. I wish you success and may your light shine bright.

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Nidhi Chauhan is a young, empathetic individual who likes to create an impact. She believes in the power of words, right thinking and the impact of an unbiased approach towards life. She has helped thousands with their job search and employability issues by creating professionally designed CVs, providing interview guidance along with soft skills training and corporate training. A decorated speaker by passion, she kindles the fire within people to bring about lasting change. She has been awarded on national and state levels for her expertise in what she does and has built several lives through the work she does. She is also a sales enthusiast and an avid animal lover. “

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