8 Amazing Eye Care Tips For Computer Users

Eye Care Tips

Awesome and easy eye care tips for computer users that you should follow to have healthy eyes. It is important to take care of eyes.

Eyes are the most noticeable asset of any face. Eyes depict your overall mood and state of mind.

Therefore they are really important to create first impressions as well as to visualise the world primarily! 😉

Here are eight eye care tips for computer users to nurture and pamper your vision – >


Cold tap water is a boon for eyes. Just splash cold water in your eyes nearly twice a day and you are good to go. This simple habit will not only help you to avoid infections but also keep your eyes refreshed.

Cucumber discs:

Cucumbers are known for their cooling properties. Their soothing properties are highly used in Ayurveda and modern medicines. Cucumber discs can help relieve stressed and tightened vision from damage. Just keeping cucumber discs for 15-20 minutes a day will soothe your eyes to a greater extent.

Eye-Makeup remover:

Eye makeups are highly appreciated on every occasion. However when we do not remove those makeup elements with proper chemicals then it causes a great deal of harm in your eyes.

Try to remove makeup with a trusted makeup remover.


Include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet to improve eyesight and prevent irritation in eyes. Diet can help a lot in dealing with eyesight related issue.

Avoid screens:

Try to enable dark modes in applications which you use the most. This will stress your eyes less and make you less prone to dark circles.

Sleep properly:

Try to sleep within regular hours and not skip sleep. Sleeping too late can make you more prone to dark circles and itchy eyes. Good night sleep is the best thing you can do for eyes.

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Eye massage:

Use your index finger to give circular massage to your eyes. Soothe your eyes with regular massages and eye exercises to make them healthy for a longer time.

Limit consumption of caffeine:

Caffeine is known to make you work for longer hours overnight by masking tiredness with extra energy. This will also interfere with your sleeping hours and biological clock making you prone to dark circles and disrupted vision.

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  1. Your eyes are your treasures. You should feel lucky that you have properly functioning eyes in a world full of those with one or the other eye-sight related issues. In order to take good care of your eyes, follow these steps:

    Have an active lifestyle
    Having an active lifestyle is very important for your eyes. Not only does it keep the blood pumping in your entire body but also your retinal nerve healthy. Other than regular exercises, it is recommended that you should also go for eye exercises in order to retain flexibility and a good peripheral vision.

    Balanced diet
    A healthy and balanced diet is all you need in order to keep your eyes healthy and strong. Including green leafy vegetables in your diet along with nuts, beans and citrus fruits like oranges and Amla, can be key for better eye care.

    Better Eye Care
    Better Eye Care
    Keep your weight in check
    Having an unhealthy weight can lead to many health and psychological problems. Those who are overweight, are at a higher risk of developing glaucoma which is detrimental for the eyes.

    Quit smoking
    Smoking is like inviting a plethora of diseases to your body. Not only does it clog your arteries but it also hampers the functioning of the optic nerve. Quit smoking today in order to see a healthy tomorrow.
    You can read the full blog on Eye Care at http://blog.astocare.com/better-eye-care.html


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