Book Summary Of Uncensored Familism By Chirasree

Uncensored Familism

Mrs Basu’s Uncensored Familism is the second book written by Writer and Editor Chirasree Bose.

Her first book ‘Done With Her…’ had gained immense popularity among the bibliophiles across the globe. Unlike her debut book, the latest one is a family drama filled with humour and sarcasm. 

The story revolves around a young married woman named Mrs Arpita Basu who is trapped in an unhappy marriage. Her everyday life at her in-laws’ place gives rise to various questions in her mind about the family and of course, familism. 

Now, what exactly is familism?

Is it a new word for you? Something to do with family maybe – that’s what you think, right? Well yes, you’re right. But in addition, it has the potential to destroy a family. But, how?

Does it destroy Arpita’s family? Has it got anything to do with her family’s constant sham of happiness? Or, maybe with her husband’s sudden disappearance when things finally start falling into place? Or perhaps with Arpita’s dark past? 

You see she’s too scared to unearth the truth of her life before marriage.

Besides dealing with these prime mysteries, the story also comprises a plethora of sub-topics. Sensitive yet imperative subjects like child abuse, acceptance of LGBT, dowry system in India and the reality of feminism in today’s time are only some of them. 

Coming back to Arpita, the story is about her journey. A woman’s journey from one chapter of her life to another. And in the process, she has by her side the most loyal friend – her head.

What, does it sound crazy? Oh boy, you’re in for a surprise!

Because the quirks of their tongue-in-cheek relationship is bound to make you split your sides.

Now it’s been enough of Arpita. How about I tell you a bit about her family members?

Her mother-in-law is a sucker for daily soaps like Saas jane Bahu ka dard and cries her eyes out in the process. Her father-in-law is a disabled man but unfortunately, his mouth remains open round the clock. However, the only positive side to his presence in the house is the appointed caretaker Malti who happens to be Arpita’s only friend. Her husband Akash Basu is a guava-headed fatso with the irresistible tag of #exNRI. Oh, did I miss the evil Damu? 

What – don’t expect me to spill the beans right here right away.

Go grab the book to read the quirkiest story of Arpita, her head and the crazy family. Mrs Basu is waiting for you on Amazon Prime, Kindle, Google Books and Snapdeal.

And yes remember, Not every ending is happy; some are hilarious.


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