8 Latest Fashionable Kurti For Holi 2022

Kurti for Holi

This article has a list of Latest fashionable designs of Kurti for Holi season, you must check out and buy at super discounted prices today.

Holi season is around the corner and it is the festival of colours.

According to me, it is the festival who also celebrates the variety and diversion, and the fact that how all can live in harmony together.

So when it comes to fashion and clothes, we all know how much colours matter to us. You can check out some amazing Kurti For Holi from meesho. It is affordable and trendy.

Kurti not only depicts our culture and tradition but also a good way to show that we can experiment a lot with an outfit like Kuti.

Here are 8 of my favourite colours in Kurti->

1. Mehroon->

The bright colour that shows audacity and dominance in a positive way. If you want to make an impact and grab attention, I would highly recommend you to wear this colour.

2. White->

As we all know, white is the symbol of peace and also the most worn Kurti on Holi, as you can see a canvas of colours on your Kurti clearly. When we celebrate Holi, we prefer to wear White Kurti.

3. Pink->

Pink is the most calming colour after white and gives a lot of girly vibes. I love the colour mostly because it is neither too bold nor too plain, perfectly on the edge of simplicity.

4. Yellow->

Haldi colour is very popular in Indian society, and it perfectly mixes up with red and makes a perfect outfit combination. You will never get disappointed with this combo.

5. Orange->

Colour which never goes wrong on any skin tone. This is the safest colour to wear when you can’t decide to wear. I strongly believe this colour brings the most out of you in your appearance.

6. Blue

Sky colour in our clothes so that we can win the whole world with our good intentions. Amazing colour for Kurtis and very much underrated. It is also a kind of formal colour in comparison to others.

7. Green->

Peaceful and natural colour can never make you sad, it is the happiest colour as it is natural. I love wearing Green all the time, it makes me look joyful.

8. Purple

A kind of a variety of blue only, but still has its own unique impact in a range of colours. I like to experiment and you can wear if you think you want to try something new for Holi.

Holi is a beautiful festival of colours and one should also try different Kurti for Holi in this season.

Hosting a party, or celebrating with friends, Holi is the best time to experiment with colours and showcase the best out of you. Try all these different colours and pick the one that suits your mood. I am a big believer of mood, your mood attracts your tribe and the colour will portray the exact vibe of yours.

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