10 Solo Traveller Essentials To Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

solo traveller essentials

Solo Traveller Essentials you need to know if you are planning to travel solo, these are important to carry and will make your travel easy.

Solo travel is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. It truly is a liberating and life-changing experience. I honestly was not aware of the things I was capable of doing until I travelled alone. It is empowering, exciting and fun. You get to do everything the way you like it (places to see, food, accommodation, transport etc.). It is a time when you can give all your time to yourself. This is crucial for self-growth. 

However, it is also true that it may be hard to travel solo (especially if you are a woman). There are a lot of things that you must take into consideration and be prepared for.

Here are some Solo Traveller Essentials to help you get started on a checklist for a solo trip.


Shoes are one of the essential accessories when you travel. The pair of shoes you wear makes an enormous difference in how your trip goes. I was once travelling with my grandmother, and for the first few days, she did not enjoy. She would refuse to go sightseeing or do anything fun. We were baffled.

The second she got a comfortable pair of shoes, the trip became fun for her. This is the same for everyone, even for those going on a solo trip. You are inevitably going to have to walk a lot, move a lot. It is hard to enjoy yourself when your feet don’t cooperate.

Get a pair of shoes that is your size, comfortable and durable. And pack a pair of slippers/sandals if you can, just in case. 


I always make a point to travel with a kit that has my medicines, because I don’t need to find my prescribed medication at the place I am going to. When I was living in Europe, I misplaced my contact lenses.

Then came the harsh realization that they were expensive enough to cost me my insurance money. It is a good idea to make a kit of the following items; you might never know when you need it. You will most probably have access to standard medicines. But, it is better to keep enough for one dosage, just in case of emergencies.

  • Your prescription medicines
  • Aspirin, painkillers
  • Band-aids
  • Cure for fever, cough, stomach ache etc.
  • Sanitary pads/ tampons


When on a solo trip, it is essential to pack light. Do carry your toothbrush, toiletries etc., but miniatures. Toiletries are universally available, and usually not very expensive. Some brands like Colgate, Pantene, etc. are available worldwide. Also, only carry essential makeup. Solo Traveller Essentials include deodorant, shampoo and conditioner, moisturizer, soap/body wash, toothpaste etc. 


Don’t pack too many clothes, take clothes that can be mixed and matched to look good. It is important to make clothes that suit the place you are going to. You need to consider the climate of the place, the season you are going in and the culture of the place. You cannot go to a beach wearing a suit, a swimsuit is needed. Similarly, in many places in Asia there is a dress code and you cannot wear dresses or shorts. For your protection don’t forget these

  • For sun protection – sunglasses, sunscreen
  • Cap/ hat/beanie, scarf
  • A good jacket (if it is going to be cold)
  • A raincoat or wind sheeter


Luggage is essential. It is best to have luggage which is durable, sturdy and easy to carry around. Always secure your bags with good locks. Put distinct tags on them, so you don’t have trouble identifying. I generally put a colourful ribbon/scarf so that my luggage does not get mixed up. Also, it is a good idea to get a waterproof bag. Being lightweight is also a plus since weight is an issue when travelling by air. 


A backpack is one of the Solo Traveller Essentials. Make sure to get a padded one so that it doesn’t put too much pressure on the shoulders, spacious and organized into compartments. A backpack lets you carry so many things while keeping your hands free.

These days, backpacks have become advanced. You can invest in an anti-theft backpack that is also equipped with a charging port. Hassle-free usage and comfortability of these bags have made backpacking such a fad.

(Backpacking in Europe is a fantastic experience, and everyone should try it at least once).

Here is a tip – while travelling, carry your backpack towards your front. That way, pickpockets won’t be able to take stuff out behind your back.


You should have your original documents, hard copies, and soft copies of them. It is essential to have them on you while travelling. It is a good idea to get an excellent, bright coloured folder to keep them in. This will be easy to store and find, plus it will be organized. These documents include

  • Passport and visa (if required)
  • Identity proof
  • Bookings for transport (flights, trains, buses, etc.)
  • Bookings for accommodation (hotel confirmation, Airbnb, etc.)
  • Student id card (if you have one)
  • Insurance papers
  • A card with your emergency contacts.


Leave me stranded with just a phone and Wi-Fi connection; I will survive. So much can be done on smartphones these days, it is crazy. Use a phone with a good camera and good battery life. It is a great idea to get a temporary sim card if you are travelling abroad. You need the following accessories with the phone

  • Power bank – you are going to be out for long, and you may not always get a charging port. A good power bank is important while travelling. 
  • Earphones – We can’t go from home to college/work without earphones, how could we go miles away from home without a pair?
  • Phone case – phone case is essential to protect the phone. Also, you can stash some emergency money inside. 
  • Charger – one that works and is compatible with your phone.


Take a good camera with you, so that you can capture moments from your trip and keep them forever. 

  • A DSLR is used to take high-quality pictures. However, phone cameras are getting more and more amazing. So if you have a good phone camera, don’t bother with the weight of a DSLR.
  • A go pro is a tiny action camera that can take amazing, high-quality pictures, even in adverse conditions. It is also compatible with Android and iOS.
  • If you are old school and love hoarding printed pictures, get an Instax mini Polaroid camera.


Stay hydrated! You need to fulfil the daily water requirement of the body to stay healthy. Pack a water bottle with you that is leak-proof and does not heat up/cool down too fast. In some places, bottled water is expensive.

Fill your jar and carry it whenever you set out for the day. Carrying a reusable bottle is environment-friendly too.

– Written by Bhavika(Intern at BoldBlush) 

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