10 Powerful Peanut Butter Benefits You Need To Know

peanut butter benefits

Peanut Butter Benefits that you must know and will make you think twice next time to eat regular butter as it is healthy and yum.

Hello, fellow peanut butter lover! 

Do you feel guilty reaching for the jar on the top right corner of the shelf? 

Felt guilty, every time you put those three spoons of heavenly goodness on the toast in the mornings?

Or those midnight food sprees to the kitchen where you sit and eat it spoon after spoon? 

Fear that the fat content is too high?

Well, bid farewell to the guilt. 

Peanut butter has many fantastic health benefits. 

Given below is the list of Peanut Butter Benefits :

 1. Packed with all the good stuff!:

Peanut butter contains monounsaturated fat. Also includes many powerful vitamins, protein fibre and protein(least of seven grams).

Protein makes you feel full for a longer duration hence curbing your cravings for junk. It is essential for muscle repair and building muscles. The fibre promotes good bowel movement.

The magnesium helps strengthen the bones and muscles.

2. Hello, healthy heart!:

Peanut butter is also rich in potassium, which helps in lowering blood pressure. Thus, preventing the likelihood of heart diseases and stroke.

3. Promotes weight loss:

Peanut butter has enough protein content. Hence, helping you feel full for a longer duration, making you less hungry. Getting essential fatty and fibre components satiates your hunger pangs.

Consumption of peanut butter in the right amounts is necessary.

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4. Good fats:

Polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats are nothing to worry about. They reduce LDL(bad cholesterol) and triglyceride level.

Thus, helping reduce the possibility of type 2 diabetes. Also, it helps in preventing some heart diseases and metabolic syndrome.

5. Helps regulate blood sugar:

Peanut butter can lessen the chances of type 2 diabetes, study says. A study concluded that consumption of 2 tablespoons of peanut butter for five days a week has benefits.

It can reduce the risks of developing diabetes by a significant, 30 per cent.

6. Protection against memory impairment and Alzheimer’s:

Study proves that niacin rich foods lessen the chances of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease- up to 70%!

And peanuts come under the top foods rich in niacin. Further study shows that foods are affecting our memory and cognitive functions. As stated, peanut butter and olive oil contain plenty of monounsaturated fats. Which help in maintaining good mental health.

The nuts’ anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties reduce oxidative stress to the brain. Also, peanut butter contains vitamin E, which can prevent the early onset of Alzheimer’s.

7. Peanut butter may prevent cancer and gallstones:

Study shows that people consuming five or more peanut servings per week have a healthy immune system. They have a lower possibility of getting gallstones.

The risks of getting gallstones reduce by thirty per cent. Peanut butter also reduces the chances of developing colon cancer. It contains the responsible nut components like resveratrol, folic acid and phytic acid.

Aside from the prevention, they also help in protection from colon cancer as well.

8. The richness in vitamins and minerals:

Peanut butter is one of the rich sources of potassium. Also, peanuts are more abundant in potassium content as compared to bananas!

Potassium helps in lessening or easing off the excessive build-up of lactic acid in the body. Plus, they neutralize the side effects of excessive sodium consumption as well.

9. Instant energy:

Peanut butter becomes instant energy and does not settle around the waist. So goodbye, the love handles. It is a fuel source for bodybuilders in the gym.

10. Lets you live long!:

A 2015 Vanderbilt study found out that people who consume nuts have a lower death risk.

Plenty of protective nutrients lead to healthier nerves and muscles. It reduces the risk of cardiovascular and mental diseases, helping you live a long life!

So, what are you waiting for?


Grab that peanut butter and jelly sandwich and feel the taste and all the goodness of peanut butter! Bite into the nutritional richness!


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