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I have created different styles in Indian and western by wearing Happenstance shoes. Read the whole happenstance sandals review.

This is a REVIEW POST on the shoes from Happenstance. So I recently got a chance to try them, and I must say that you will be surprised that this brand has sincerely kept in mind the only thing about shoes, which is comfort. The shoes are incredibly light in weight, and the fabric is of premium quality. The bouncy vibe of the shoes supports me and allow me to walk freely.

Happenstance shoes


The packaging was excellent, and I got shoes in standard shoe boxes. As I opened, they were covered nicely. I picked the LOLA shoe and twisted it; the sole was very flexible. The second ROMA one was my essential black pair which is evergreen and goes with all the dresses. 

The beautiful thing I found about the shoe is the sole, which is very smartly engineered. The sole of the shoe is soft, and the fabric used in the cloth is smooth. When I walk into the shoes, I felt very light-weighted. A kind of extra push is provided by feet when you step forward so that you have to make fewer efforts.

1. ROMA Black

I found this pair awesome as black goes with everyone and the design of this particular shoe is classy. You can literally wear this with most of your dresses and they were extremely comfortable.

Indian Look->

I paired my long White Kurta and ripped jeans with black sandals. The black and white combo is evergreen, this look is perfect for casual outings with family.

This bright and colourful look is perfect for family parties and how black sandals stand out completely with the outfit. These shoes are comfortable and you can enjoy the gathering without hurting your feet. So ditch your heels this season and choose the most comfortable shoes for walking.

Western Look->

Striped Dress with the shoes goes well. You can wear something knee length with the shoes and it will look perfect. To match the contrast of thick straps on the sandals, you can have a black shrug. The look is sporty and comfy.

Let’s see the happenstance review in western dresses.

2. LOLA Marooned

Marron pair is my favourite as they are super stylish and satisfactory. This edgy shoe will make you feel that you are in the air. They are so light that you didn’t even think for a moment that you are wearing shoes. The bold colour compliment your outfit.

Indian Look->

Graphic long kurta and nude palazzos go perfect with my marooned shoes. These edgelike shoes compliment my outfit in such a way that the whole costume gives a modern Indo-western fusion vibe.

Western Look->

This one is my favourite- the nerdy girl look. Perfect for tuition coaching classes or colleges. I just paired the striped red and blue combo tee with my blue jeans. The shoes are striking and steal the attention in the casual outfit.

The most experimental outfit, in which I tie the scarf as belt similarly coloured with shoes. Use the headband to give edgy look and the combo of white tee and jeans makes it casual but by accessorizing the look, it becomes unique and great for days when you want to wear something unconventional.

Women’s most comfortable walking shoes that you cannot find anywhere else. Hope you liked the happenstance sandals review.

Lookbook of my all outfits wearing Happenstance, women’s most comfortable walking shoes brand->

Happenstance Lookbook

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