10 Best Podcasts In India To Listen NOW

Best Podcasts in india

Best Podcasts In India you should listen that will make you intelligent and smarter. Podcasts are the new radio in the digital era.

Podcasts have been stirring up attention in India for a while now. Ranging from topics like cricket, travel and education, podcasts have been gaining popularity.

For those who are not aware of what a podcast is; it is a series of digital audio files which the user can download. They have become an online audio hub for gaining knowledge and experience about a genre. But amidst many podcasts available, it is evident that it gets challenging to choose the one you want to listen to.

Ten best podcasts in India->

1. Dr Shyam Bhat –

The State of Mind Podcast (Mental Health):

Mental health is something we Indians struggle to understand. The symptoms, causes and consequences of mental health issues are still not discussed.

Shyam Bhatt runs the Live Love Laugh foundation with actress Deepika Padukone. He is also is one of the most well renowned mental health professionals in India. Using his platform to give sound advice, he helps you  in taking care of mental health and enables you to improve in your life!

2. Shut Up Ya Kunal Kamra(Hindi, Politics):

Kunal Kamra’s podcast is fascinating as he’s always taught his comic skills in the show. He talks about the political controversies giving them a satirical edge.

It has garnered a lot of attention due to the political issues he addresses. He takes the mainstream issues in the line of politics and discusses it in a long, honest form.

3. Maed In India- Mae Mariam Thomas(Music):

The show is about the best independent musicians from India; it is the first Indie music podcast. Every episode brings you an exclusive original music session from an artist/band.

It features all kinds of artists ranging from newcomers to the veterans. Also, from all sorts of genres like hip hop, blues, soul, to folk, punk, rock and everything between. All in all, this podcast defines itself as a destination for new music!

4. Cyrus Broacha Says(Panel):

Hosted by Cyrus Broacha, the podcast is about politics, sports, traffic, kids and a lot more. It broadcasts twice a week with a rotating panel of guests. The podcast takes a tone of buddies hanging out, and it’s a whole lot of fun to hear them discuss a variety of topics!

5. The Ranveer Show:

Started as a fitness channel, popular Youtuber BeerBiceps now focuses on life & advice. He has collaborated with many YouTubers from youtube space. He has also interviewed people with exciting stories about finding their passions, etc.

6. Advertising Is Dead:

Varun Duggirala talks about all things marketing and advertising in this podcast. This podcast engages listeners interested in the business genre. It helps them understand about advertising, digital India, marketing life and more. They sure have creative episode titles you can look forward to!

7. The Indian Startup Show:

Neil Patel, a UK based NRI, talks to some vital Indian people from across the globe who have followed their ideas. Ideas which are anything but conventional and out of the box. India is a hub for startups.

We have had a lot of successful entrepreneurs who’ve come up with revolutionizing ideas. For those aspiring to become an entrepreneur, we recommend this podcast. It might help motivate you, get a kick start about your ideas and help you develop in the right direction!

8. BBC and Kalki Koechlin-My Indian Life:

Kalki Koechlin, the brave, bold and witty actress has come up with her podcast. A series which addresses the Indian youth, who have tackled abuse, fought stereotypes.

They have confronted conventions and traditions with pursuing their passion. The podcast focuses on excerpts of life of people like Dakshayani. She comes from a conservative family and has yet managed to follow her own heart and mind.

Kalki focuses on talking much more than what her guests are. She talks about the moments that helped shape them for how strong they are. She’s always been a strong supporter of gender equality and the LGBTQI community. She delves deeper into the lives of her guests and brings a lot to the table.

9. 3 Things- The Indian Express Podcast:

The podcast covers the news genre and has covered more than 600 episodes. The folks convey the truth about the recent proceedings all over the country. The episodes contain a recap of the news or some deep light into the details about a few vital Indian stories. The country is going through some distressing times of chaos. Even with what is happening all over, the podcast vows to educate people about the reality.

10. The Musafir Stories:

India isn’t only limited to Taj Mahal and Qutub Minar. A lot of the mainland is unknown to the people, and there’s so much our country has to offer! So are you a mountain baby, or a person trying to take a break and pack a bag and travel the unexplored? Listen to find out more!

So now that you have some suggestions, you can dig right into the Best Podcasts In India!

Discover how much they bring to the plate!

Plugin your earphones, find out what fits your interests and get ready to experience new horizons to it!


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