How To Declutter Your Mind In Digital Era

Declutter Your Mind

Decluttering your mind is a necessity in the digital era because of many reasons. Let us explore how to declutter your mind->

Stop Multi-Tasking-

If your home is a mess and you need to arrange and declutter it, how would you begin? You would reasonably start by choosing one crucial area—for example, the kitchen—and clearing it of all clutter.

The mental equivalent of cleaning off the kitchen table is to choose a specific amount of time which you’re going to dedicate exclusively to one entirety crucial task. During that time, push all mental confusion to the side and concentrate all of your attention on the duty at hand.

Restrict the Amount of Information-

Too much news can jam up the brain. This covers the learning that you take in each day by reading newspapers, blogs, and watching TV; engaging in social media; surfing the internet on your smartphone; and so on.

Limit the volume of information that comes into your life—and create space in your brain–by doing the following:

  • Unsubscribe from any blogs or website’s subscriptions that are not contributing to your essence of life or your well-being.
  • Make sure that the judgments that you pay attention should come from individuals with relevant credentials.
  • Decide what information is important to you and dismiss everything else.


Deep breathing is a simple yet powerful technique to clear your mind, induce composure and elevate your mood immediately. It reduces the heart rate and blood pressure and excites the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps your body relax.

Get in feel with nature-

I like to go someplace with water … the ocean, a lake, even just a human-made spring if nothing else is available, watching rain does the illusion for me too. Somehow this can be soothing and focusing at the same time.

Practice Being Decisive-

Life is a series of preferences. Some choices are simple; others are complex and can stir an uproar of emotions, causing you to avoid the decision-making process altogether. Procrastinating is one of the biggest culprits of mind clutter because it causes your brain to become confused by all those unfinished decisions you have put off. It can be a candid mistake though—we are all attacked continuously with so many options that it can quickly turn a judgment into analysis paralysis.

Limit Your Social Media Intake-

Your brain is blasted with sensitive information all day, every day. Being on social media continually adds brain clutter and can even affect your mental health by increasing panic and loneliness. Observe your usage on social media platforms, and if you start to notify your mind getting cluttered by views and feelings from triggering posts, it is time to take a pause.

And that’s How To Declutter Your Mind in this digital era.


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