5 Fashion Games With Levels To Play Now

Fashion Designer Games

This article has a list of fashion designer games with levels. The dressing is fun and choosing different accessories and making an outfit. Try them!


Playing dress-up begins at age five and never truly ends – Kate Spade.

Fashion games are so fun; one can play them for hours. These are generally targeted toward a younger audience. 

(But, one can’t deny the fact that people of all ages like playing these games too, sometimes.) 

Such games are actually beneficial, and they enhance creativity and imagination. Since there are no boundaries, the invention can run wild. It also enhances motor skills.  

pyramid solitaire – solitaire masters

Fashion games are engaging, to the point where they become addictive. One must be cautious about that. That being said, here are five fashion designer games with levels that are fun to play. 

Budding fashion designers, you are about to get hooked!


The Kardashians are pretty much Hollywood’s royal family. Here’s a chance to be a part of Kim’s life. This game has one of those ‘choose your own story’ formats. 

You start off as Kim Kardashian’s assistant, and make your way through her glamorous world and have to try to make a name for yourself in Hollywood. 

There are countless outfits, accessories and hairstyles to choose from. Many of these are virtual versions of what Kim has actually worn. The Kardashian family is indeed criticized a lot. Yet, it’s safe to say that Kim’s game is excellent. 

Kendall and Kylie Jenner have their own game too. 


This game lets you design a dress from scratch. You choose the minutest details, like the cloth and the thread used for sewing. The game is quite like a real tailor. You have to mark boundaries with chalk, cut the dress material. Then you stitch the dress. After the dress is made, you can customize the pattern and the add-ons for the dress. 

There are options for the model who will be wearing the dress too. And, the accessories she will wear. It is cool because you get a virtual experience of dressmaking.


Covet fashion is one of the top-rated fashion games in the Google play store. The gameplay is exciting. You have to build looks, and real-life players will vote for your examination. That’s how you’ll get a score for your work. 

Similarly, you can vote for other players’ looks as well. One thing to love about this app is how inclusive it is. There is a wide range of skin colours and sizes for the models. 

Also, the outfits are ones that real brands/designers have created.


In this game, you get to customize not only outfits but bags and shoes as well. Every client has specific requirements according to their taste. 

Clothes and accessories need to be designed accordingly. The better you meet their expectations, the more you get paid. There is a wide variety of styles and customizations. This helps you to create a perfect look for the client, according to the event they will be attending. 


This is pretty much the virtual version of playing dress-up with your Barbie dolls, plunging into fantasy land. 

The graphics of this game are amazing. You get to design clothes for princesses, fairies and mermaids. You get to do their makeup as well. So, you are going to be transforming a simple girl into a glamorous princess. The missions in this game are exciting as well.

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-Written by Bhavika(Intern at BoldBlush)


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