8 Ways On How To Stay Focused On Your Goals And Priorities

how to stay focused on your goals

How to stay focused on your goals and priorities when there are so many distractions around, especially in this digital world. This article will help you out.
Focus is a crucial element to get any task done efficiently. The ambition to complete a particular job within the stipulated time is determined by the concentration you apply.
We all are inherited with the ability to focus. However, to channelize this focus for a task at hand is a skill which not many of us can master it.

Here are specific tips to stay focused on your goals and priorities:

1. List Out:

Take a piece of paper and scribble your tasks which is to be done tomorrow one night before. This will help you in keeping your mind focused on the most critical tasks.

2. Rubber Band:

Once you decide that you have to focus on a particular job, tie a rubber band in your wrist. The rubber band will help you in concentrating without diverting your mind. Once you find your mind wandering away pluck the rubber band in your wrist slightly. It will help you to bring back your mind in the ongoing task, plus it will wander away lesser.

3. Stay Hydrated:

Sufficient amount of fluid should be present in your body for your brain to work efficiently. Regularly drink water while working and do not ignore it.

4. Pomodoro Principle:

Use the Pomodoro principle while working on your task or studying. When the mind is focused for more extended periods at a stretch, it loses its efficiency. So take regular breaks of 5 minutes after every 25 minutes of continuous sharp focus on your task at hand. This 5 minutes should be used in doing what you love.

5. Regular breaks:

Take frequent breaks while doing various tasks with a well-focused mind to recharge it for the next slot of work.
During the break, try to go out and breathe fresh air or play with your pet. Avoid using social media during breaks as it will only tire your mind more. This will help you stay focused on your goals.

6. Stop Announcing Others Your Goals:

This makes you lose your precious time explaining your goals to others. Please stop talking about it with any random person and try to remain secretive until it’s done completely. This will help you stay focused on your goal for longer.

7. Meditation:

It can be done before to channelize your focus for a particular task. 15-20 minutes of tratak meditation can help you do tasks with intense focus for the entire day.

8. Don’t Involve In Arguments:

Arguments are a big no-no when you want to stay focused on your goals. Try to remain neutral in every situation, no matter what arises. Disputes should be avoided at all costs.

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– Written by Khansa(Intern at BoldBlush)


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