How To Practice Positive Self Talk In Real Life

Positive Self-Talk

Practice Self Talk in real life will not only make you grow but also will change your perspective in a lot of different manners.

Self talk has gained priority over recent years. More and more people these days are interested in researching it. The big reason is why?

Why are we interested in teaching self talk a habit within ourselves? Why are we so much inclined towards practising it?

The answer lies in the environment which we are experiencing on a day to day basis at work, at college, at social gatherings, and so on. Our desire to achieve more within a narrow strip of time has made the idea of self-introspection so famous.

Here are some ways to Practice Self Talk and make it a habit within you!

1. Learn to listen:

Self talk is all about internal awareness. Unless you look to your mind what it desires for you will never be able to succeed in taming this habit. Speak lesser, listen more to your family members, at meetings, specific podcasts. All of these will improve your listening skill.

2. Summarise your entire day’s events:

Frame your full day’s experience within a few lines and share it with your significant other, parents, even a pet, diary. By doing this, you will clutter-free your mind from the hassle of the entire busy day.

This clutter-free mind can be used to analyse and improve self-awareness.

3. Limit your time scrolling social media posts:

Self talk is specifically inherent since the time we are born. However indulging in mundane, useless day to day activities leave little or no time to nurture this habit; thus, we end up losing it. So just being free for some time will allow you to tame this habit. So you should limit using social media during your free time.

4. Meditation:

Practising meditation daily will help in silencing your mind’s useless rant and focus on within self. Every day takes out a few minutes to practice it. Meditating at the same place and nearly at the same time every day will help you in strengthening this skill from deep within. This is the first step towards absorbing the habit of self talk.

5. Communicate: Talk to your kins.

Listen to them what they are willing to tell you. Present your opinions softly to keep the conversation smooth. By communicating with your beloveds, you will learn about your traditional and cultural roots. This will help you to answer the most introspected question, who am I?

6. Spend time in nature:

All the famous philosophers, saints, scientists and famous successful people are known to spend time in nature. Bathing in crimson sunlight in an open field early in the morning gives you an excellent chance of deep thinking and introspection. Go for a walk in the narrow lanes away from traffic and smoke. You can also switch off your phone for a more active walk.

7. Mirror time:

We all use mirrors maybe 2-3 times a day but only for a few seconds in a rush to settle our lipsticks or hair!

However, these mirrors are excellent props to polish self-talking ability. Just gaze a little longer for a few seconds after you are done with your task. Stare blankly. That’s it. This habit, when practised regularly, will make you an expert with the ability of self talk without realising it.

8. Surround yourself with good quality contents and books:

Read, Read and Read as much as possible to start Practice Self Talk within yourself. Reading these books will help you in giving words to your abstract feelings. You will be able to identify your emotions and take care of it.


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