Best Proven Weight Loss Diet For Female

Weight Loss Diet For Female

Weight loss diet for female- I am sharing the Two-Ingredient Recipe That Made Me Lose 27.8 KGS in real world without fasting.

If you have been trying to lose weight, I’m sure you would have read several weight loss stories by now. This may even be your 5th or 50th story  of weight loss diet for female from the day you decided to lose it all.

With all these stories in your head, you might wonder if mine is any special. I don’t think it is. Yet, it adds to the evidence that the process is possible. And you too, like others, can lose that stubborn weight of yours forever.

Here we go.

The salt of my recipe is simplicity.

I didn’t want to demotivate myself with the complexities when I was starting.

So, my method included no fad diets, no gymming, and no medicines, or magic pills, for that matter.

Also, being a financial minimalist (or thrifty, if you like), I didn’t want to spend money on gym trainers, dieticians, or wellness coaches. Now that I look back on my journey, I think they would have made things way more comfortable. But never mind. What’s essential is the result.

So, I googled all kinds of questions I had and researched. Next, I implemented the information I could trust.

Of the various things I tried, here are the two which had 80% of the effects on me. Thus, I call them the key ingredients of my weight loss recipe.

Intermittent Fasting

I’m a hardcore advocate of intermittent fasting. There’s no one I have met, who wouldn’t have gotten this free advice from me.

That’s because intermittent fasting has helped millions of people, including me, get healthier. It’s the simplest version requires you not to consume anything for 16-20 hours during the day. Nothing except water and similar drinks. That’s it. No diet rules. No workout rules. No burning any holes in your pocket.

It’s a minimal effort routine that can not only help you lose weight but lose the diseases that have been holding your highest potential back.

Q. What could be easier than skipping your daily breakfast that you already have a habit of missing?

A. The Search for Hidden Opportunities

Once you know your life well, you can turn many situations around by taking it all under your control.

The only thing you need to do is analyze a situation, find an opportunity, and go for it. Need examples?

Here’s what I did.

This was at the very beginning of the journey when I weighed 94 kilograms. I told my college bus driver to pick me up from a farther stop. Not the one 300 meters from my house, but the one 3 kilometres away. This worked well for me because I love to walk.

Here’s another example. I had been into intermittent fasting for four months at this point.

And I was joining the 9-5 world. Yes, skipping breakfast was still an option.

But, eating at the workplace meant the higher probability of eating out. There were birthday parties and farewell parties all the time. People used to offer something or the other daily. And if you are a foodie trying to lose weight, you know how difficult it is to say ‘no’ to the offers every additional time.

So, what did I do? I moved my intermittent fast time to overlap with my office timings. I told everyone around that I practice intermittent fasting. This many times would become a topic of discussion. And sometimes a joke as well.

But, the better thing was that it was now more comfortable to say no.

Tips To Say NO To Anyone Without Feeling Guilty

Telling them beforehand created accountability. Even if I was craving sometimes, I had to resist, because of the people around me who knew of my commitment — no more munching on doughnuts, samosas, and snacks to procrastinate on my tasks.

That’s it. Those are my key ingredients, which made my weight loss journey delicious.

Did you find it, doable? We (the community here and I) might help you with accountability. So, don’t forget to tell us if you are going to give it a try.

Author Bio-

Lakshmi Jaisimha is a freelance health and wellness writer and blogger. Having won over lifestyle diseases and lost more than 60 pounds herself without any fad diets, medicines, and extensive exercises, she aims to help people achieve their health the same way. A stress-free and passionate life is what she practices and preaches. You can find her on LinkedIn for a lovely little chat.


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