How NOT To BE Grateful Of What You Have


If you think you are grateful in life then definitely read this article to know how not to be so grateful for what you have, to compare yourself.

We, as human beings, always tend to chase the things which we don’t have, and we desperately want, and that’s how our whole life gets completed, and we never realize that we spent our life in chasing.

It is the fact that when you have achieved something, and you start pursuing other, you become lesser grateful for what you already have or achieved. So should we all not pursue our dreams? No, what I am saying, don’t get so mad about your dreams that you have forgotten how to be thankful for what you already have.

Five things you do if you are NOT at all grateful in life->


You tend to exploit more when your income and power gets increased. You become more and more self-obsessed and consider yourself as superior to the ones who don’t earn that much or are not that powerful. After a point, it becomes habitual, and you find this thing as NORMAL or at least normal for the ones who lie in your category.

Use the public or SHARED resources carelessly.

These days everybody is so much concerned about the environment because it is getting ruined at an alarming rate. Where were we when the toxic things were getting manufactured and entered in the market, and we conveniently used it?

There is a concept in rich people; you don’t value things that you got for FREE. It’s excellent that they will appreciate buying fresh air or water, but misusing to the extent that it can’t be used by the poor is just sad.

You will consume EXCESS.

We all know that excess of anything in this world is terrible, yet we consume, why? 

The lust or greed for something either food, money or luxury makes us spend more to the extent that we don’t even acknowledge that we are snatching the needful from the poor.

You will do CHARITY to make yourself feel awesome.

There is saying-” If you have an excess of something, give to those who are the most needful” and yes we also do that sometimes, but out of charity.

We do not do this out of responsibility, and we don’t realize the fact that we will only live for specific years, so we should always give back if we can.

When you consider you OWN the person.

We all have some relationships and we think that we own the person if the survival of that person depends on us. 

It is the best example of how disrespectful we become of  our dependents and only consider their inputs from money perspective. Money is just a medium; we can never actually calculate the value of any work or person.


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