5 Beautiful Indian Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Indian Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

Indian Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair that you need to know for the wedding season. Embrace your short hair with these amazing hairstyles!

Who doesn’t want to look fabulous on their wedding day? I do and many others, but there is a taboo that you can only look gorgeous if you have long hair. That’s not true also many girls like to keep short hair, so here I brought you some awesome Indian wedding hairstyles for short hair.

Easy Low Bun

low bunThe hairstyle needs minimum effort, but the low bun looks excellent and stylish. If you want an untidier look, push out a few strands. You don’t have to bother about your hair, although a little amount of serum might be required to keep all your hair in position. This one suits those with curly hair as well.

Low Chignon

ChignonChignon- sounds like a lavish French brand isn’t it? It is a low bun hairstyle for traditional or formal occasions and can be achieved by spinning the hair into a bun and tightening it with bobby pins. Golden head chains can be used to accessorise. To get a messy chignon, you can leave out the smaller strands.


WavesThis hairstyle is encouraged from the divas! If you have everyday wavy short hair, espouse your waves. Set your waves well using a serum and a curler, if needed. This short hairstyle will seize everyone’s attention!

Weave with a side bun

Weaves with side bunTake the strands and plait your hair, and make a side bun. You can use new flowers for your bun. You can choose any flower that looks and smells good or keeps the hairstyle simplistic and let your bridal attire and the ornaments do all the talking!

Knotted Braids

knotted braidsIt is the simplest one! You have to distribute your hair into even parts (it depends on how thick braids you want), spin them enough so that they are set, and pin-up the ends. The more tangled twists you make, the larger it will look.

Image and content Credits : vanitynoapologies

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