12 Amazing Foods That Boost Metabolism FAST

Foods That Boost Metabolism

Foods That Boost Metabolism and are very important to eat for health perspective. You also don’t gain weight if you have good metabolism.

Before we get to the metabolism-boosting foods, let’s talk about what metabolism is. Metabolism is a biochemical process. In this, calories are burnt to provide energy for carrying out body functions. So what makes metabolism important?

Metabolic rate influences your weight, gaining tendency and your energy levels. People who barely eat and yet have a tendency to increase weight have a low metabolic rate. The ones who can eat as much as they want without gaining weight have a high metabolic rate. Here are the foods that will boost your metabolism.


Protein-rich foods make you feel fuller and are great for muscle building. Plus, you burn more calories for digesting protein.

Some protein-rich foods include –

· Eggs

· Chicken Breasts

· Fish

· Non-vegetarian foods are generally protein-rich

For vegetarians, here are the foods with high protein content

· Broccoli

· Lentils (daal)

· Peanuts

· beans


Like proteins, the body requires efforts to break the grains down. It boosts metabolism.

Whole-grain foods include

· Quinoa

· Whole wheat

· Oats


Drinking enough water will eliminate half of your potential health problems. Your metabolic rate will suffer if your fluid intake is inadequate. Coldwater is even better as the body uses energy to bring the cold water to body temperature.

Benefits Of Lemon Water


Carry nuts like almonds, peanuts, cashews etc. on the go. They are a healthy snack and fill you up. These will help you avoid unhealthy snacks that are full of sugar and preservatives. Unsalted nuts are a better option than the salted ones.


When your mom tells you to eat your vegetables, listen to her. Iron-rich foods boost metabolic rate. Green vegetables are incredible sources of iron. The nutrition they provide is unique to promote growth and development.

Green leafy vegetables that you should eat are –

· Kale

· Spinach

· Lettuce

· Fenugreek


These standard salad dressings aid you in losing weight. It is because they speed up the metabolism. Mustard helps the functioning of ATP molecules (ATP is the energy currency of the body). Vinegar, especially apple cider vinegar, promotes break down of fat.


Many people have made green tea a part of their lifestyle, owing to its tremendous benefits. It does contribute to weight loss. One of the many motives why you should drink green tea is that it improves metabolism significantly. Green tea is rich in antioxidants that delay ageing and lower the risk of cancer. It has antibacterial properties too.


The best thing in the morning is the smell of a hot cup of coffee. It is the perfect thing that wakes you up, and kick starts your day. Many people feel energized after having coffee. That is because caffeine has a stimulating effect on our energy usage. That is why energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine.

Coffee is a metabolism booster and good for you. That is if you consume it in moderation. Also, adding cream and sugar to your beverage will make it fattening.


Good news for people who love spicy food! The spice is doing a great job at increasing your metabolism. The hero here is the compound capsaicin. Content of capsaicin in the chilly/pepper determines how spicy it would be.

Some of these foods are->

· Red chilly

· Green chilly

· Paprika

· Cayenne pepper

· Black pepper

· Bell peppers

· Jalapeños


Dark chocolate is not only healthy but also useful for you. It contains flavonoids that regulate metabolism. Dark chocolate also lowers stress levels, ensuring your general well being. Don’t overeat it.


Ginger garlic paste is very commonly used in Indian food preparations. Did you know that they are not just for enhancing the flavour? Ginger affects body temperature and appetite. Garlic regulates sugar levels.

12. EGGS

As discussed earlier, egg whites are a great source of protein. However, you should eat an entire egg, or two. The yolk also has many metabolism boosters and good fat.

Try having these Foods That Boost Metabolism in your diet.

– Written by Bhavika( Intern at BoldBlush)

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