Tarot Card Reading: Everything You Need To Know

tarot card reading

You will get all the information you need about Tarot Card Reading. It is basically an art to predict your future with the help of energy exchange.

India is a country of diverse religions and beliefs. Even in the field of astrology, there are various forms of predictions. There are readings done via understanding one’s horoscope, and that is based on calculations, angel card readings, face readings, numerology, handwriting specialists who can understand you and your personality via your handwriting and then there are Tarot Card Readings. 

Tarot Cards originated in Europe in the 15th century. The people there used these cards as playing cards and entertained themselves with card games. In the 17th century, the fortune-tellers in France and England discovered that these cards can be used to tell a person’s future and started using them differently. 

Each card has a picture on it, and that picture has a meaning to it.

There are various tarot decks one can use for predictions. The one I use is Rider-Waite. It is one of the more commonly used decks. It is a pack that consists of 78 cards. Fifty-six of them are Minor Arcana, and 22 are Major Arcana. Minor Arcana cards are cards that help you connect the story and reveal small changes in a person’s life and Major Arcana cards are compelling cards that are more significant influences in one’s life. 

There is no set way to do a Tarot Card Reading. It depends on every tarot reader. It’s very individualistic and unique. The way I do it is that I ask my clients to shuffle the cards, so their energy gets into the cards. I then become a medium between the cards and the client. I pull out cards and tell them what is going on in their life and then they can ask me specific questions about their life. 

Tarot Card Readings are an energy-based prediction and energies keep changing, so it’s difficult to make predictions that are further than 7-8 months out. 

I believe that nothing in life is fixed and we can change whatever we want to with prayers and the choices we make. Tarot Card Readings are guidance to what is going to happen in your near future, so one is aware and conscious, but there s nothing to fear. It’s decisions we take that we are responsible for. 

Depending on the Tarot Card reader and the intuition they have, one is also able to do online/ FaceTime readings for people who cannot be there in person. I do online readings for clients all over the world. 

Tarot Card Reading is a fascinating science and the more you learn about it, the more attractive you find it. 


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Aartii is a renowned Tarot Card Reader, Access Bars and Body Process Practitioner. She was born and raised in Mumbai but spent many of her formative years in the US. She does face time and online readings as well and has clients worldwide. Please do reach out to her if there is anything else you would like to know or get a reading done. Her Instagram handle is themysticmile

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