10 Healthy Late Night Snacks To Grab

healthy late night snacks

Healthy Late Night Snacks that you should eat and ditch all the chips, deep-fried and unhealthy food in the late-night time.

We often crave for eatables during late night. A sudden roar in our stomach compels us to get of bed and reach to any eatable possible!

ANY Eatable!!

This possesses a great threat to our health as we are prone to eat anything available without giving a second thought to it.

So here are 10 healthy late night snacks to munch on if you wake up craving for something at midnight->

1. Roasted Foxnuts:

Roasted foxnuts taste almost like salted popcorns but they are much healthier. Loaded with essential nutrients and minerals. This healthy snack can be eaten in any amount at any time of the day. Ditch the bags of deep-fried chips and go for classic salted or unsalted Foxnuts.

2. Roasted chana :

Roasted Bengal gram or Chana is an all-time favourite snack among all age groups. It is easily available, affordable, loaded with nutrients.

3. Diet Chira:

Roasted flattened rice with salt and grains of peanuts is a light and healthy midnight snack to munch into.

4. Mixed nuts:

A handful of nuts like Almonds, pistachios, Brazilian nuts and hazelnuts are the best midnight snack for everyone. This will make you full and also benefit your health.

5. Roasted seeds:

A fist of mixed seeds including roasted flax seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds and pumpkin seeds are loaded with essential minerals which are available in trace amounts in the daily meals which we eat.

6. Til laddus:

sesame seeds bound together with jaggery syrup form til laddus. A typical Indian snack. Both jaggery and til are packed with nutrients. This snack can be consumed in larger amounts during winters.

7. Moong daal namkeen:

Roasted moong daal in butter is a tasty midnight snack with nutrients obtained from moong daal.

8. Roasted papad:

A flatbread made with wholesome pulses can be eaten just by roasting it for a few seconds in your gas burner.

9. Digestive sugar-free biscuits:

They are healthier than normal flour biscuits. You can try the different varieties of oatmeal digestive biscuits, ragi digestive biscuits.

One of the most convenient healthy late night snacks.

10. Porridge:

Can be made according to your choice using any item available at hand like Rawa, Dalia(cracked wheat), oats with a little amount of jaggery and water on low flame for a few minutes. This is one of the best snacks for all times.

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– Written by Khansa ( Intern at BoldBlush)

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