My Journey With WordPress Business Plan And Life Updates

Wordpress business plan

Hello guys,

So I am using WordPress BUSINESS plan for a year, and I recently renew the plan for 2020.

Let me be honest. It is costly; maintaining a website is not at all easy.

As ad revenue only plays a role when you have a vast viewership.

But if you have good content and an engaging audience(just like you guys which I am very grateful for), then you can earn from some collaborations/sponsored posts.

So currently I don’t earn anything from the website but yes at least some money which aids me in its expenditures.

I also bought GRAMMARLY PREMIUM recently as so much content is published out there and I want everything to be proofread.

I also have now started writing more, as on my website I don’t write much. The content is outsourced mostly(and given credentials in the end always), but I do editing, banner designing and choose the topics.

Now I also write on different platforms- my website, Medium, Guest Posts.

I have started freelance content writing also, it is unfortunate that writers are not paid at all, but I think experience does pay well, so no harm in getting more exposure.

Now I want to try my hands in photography which is a new thing for me, but I want to do from a long time so that I may start an Instagram page entirely dedicated to it 🙂

For youtube, I started and made 30+ videos which I am very proud of, but due to my hectic schedule I have paused it for now, no time to still resume but I am sure I will come up with some kickass content and will start it soon.

I am still doing the job in Infosys, and it has been now almost two years here, I am a confirmed employee and soon will be a Senior system engineer here.

I am still figuring out exactly what I want and right now just exploring things which I want to.

That’s it for now, do follow me on all my social media platforms, I create some excellent and motivational content there too 🙂


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