8 Dry Lips Remedies At Home For You

Dry lip remedies

Dry lips remedies at home for everyone who often has to deal with the situation. Not only in winters but in some other seasons too are lips get dried.

Dry and chapped lips often become a hindrance for a luscious pout or a contagious smile. It usually occurs due to frequent exposure in the sun, lack of water in the body, lack of essential nutrients in the body, smoking.

Dry lips remedies at home->

1. Stay hydrated: Drink the essential daily requirement of water in one’s body religiously. This way you will keep dry skin and chapped lips at bay.

2. Lip scrub: Before applying your favourite lip colour make sure you scrub off the dead skin from your lips. Take some rose petals and some grains of sugar and crush them coarsely. Then use this mixture to scrub off your lips. Allow this mixture to stay on your lips for 10 minutes then wash off. The rose petals tend to give a natural soft pinkish tinge on your lips.

3. Organic edible Coconut oil: After removing your lip colour apply some edible coconut oil on your lips for a moisturising effect and to keep away from drying off due to harsh chemicals.

4. Exfoliating Sugar scrub: some grains of sugar and some full-fat Indian malai when combined together form a coarse mixture to get plumpy lips. Apply this for 15 minutes then wash it off. The sugar being Hygroscopic in nature absorbs moisture and makes the lips go plump. Yes, there’s real science behind it!

Try to do this thrice a week to get plumpy lips naturally. However, since it’s natural so it’s a slow process.

5. Lip balm: It is like fresh Oxygen for your lips. This should be used as a base before using any lip colour to create a layer between the lip colour and the sensitive lips. Go for natural homemade lip balms. Like the beeswax and cocoa butter lip balm made by simply solidifying melted beeswax with cocoa butter.

6. Avoid direct exposure to the sun: Carry an umbrella always to protect your lips from the harmful sun’s rays. Apply lip balm with SPF of at least 20 to protect them.

7. Vitamin E tablets: They work wonders for your hair and nails; however, if used cleverly, they give you extra soft and smoother lips. Just break the tablets and use the liquid as a balm on your lips. Stay for 20 minutes then wash off.

If you have parched and chapped lips, then use this method twice a day for up to 2 weeks.

8. Quit smoking: Yes, it is a natural remedy to treat the condition of dry, chapped lips. Try to limit smoking if quitting is not possible at first go. This is an essential habit of getting rid of else the above said remedies are never going to work.

These all were my favourite and most effective dry lips remedies at home.

– Written by Khansa(Intern at BoldBlush)

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