20 Benefits of Meditation For Students To Focus

benefits of meditation

The list of Proven Benefits of Meditation For Students after doing thorough research. Meditation is important in this digital era.


Indians have been meditating for thousands of years. Recently, people all around the world have substantial importance as well. After all, meditation is not something you do because it looks cool on Instagram.


Meditation to the mind is what physical exercise is to the body. It’s a practice where one trains the mind to be more focused and elevates their subconscious.

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Here are some of the proven Benefits of Meditation For Students-

1. Increase the ability to focus and concentrate



People who meditate can stay focused on tasks that are boring or repetitive. They can concentrate despite distractions. These days, people have a short attention span. That leads us to take up a lot of time to finish a task and makes us less productive. Meditating can help in overcoming that.


2. Stress reduction


The world right now is fast-paced. No matter if you’re studying, working, or raising a family, you are bound to experience stress. This can harm your physical and mental health. Meditation reduces stress levels, clears your head, and makes you calmer. This benefit goes hand in hand with the next one.


3. Memory enhancement


Have you ever forgotten everything that you learned for an exam the moment you go to the question paper? Can you recall feeling stressed before that exam? When stress levels are high, the stress hormone (cortisol) is being released in excess. It affects the brain and your power to store information and recall things. People who meditate have lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. They also have better recalling power. Mindfulness improves both long term and short term memory. It is one of the marvelous Benefits of Meditation For Students.


4. Better learning ability


Students, this one is for you, although, it’s true that we never stop learning throughout our lives. Meditating daily will help you achieve brain synchronization. That will boost your brainpower. Increased learning ability and grasping power helps you a lot in becoming a good student. Hence, you’ll have better chances of having a bright future.


5. Control Anxiety


Anxiety clouds your mind with negative thoughts. It makes you question everything you do. You overthink so much that you create problems much more significant than what they are. It’s terrible, and it makes you a negative person in general. If you’re struggling with anxiety and looking for a way to silence the voices in your head, try meditation. It will calm your brain, and your mind will have less worrisome thoughts and more happy ones.


6. Fight Depression


Depression is more common than we think; it’s severe and may also be fatal. People facing depression get gripped with an overwhelming feeling of sadness. They lose interest in things they once loved. In the worst-case scenario, grief turns into suicide. Meditation breaks the trail of depressive thoughts. It increases levels of the brain’s happy chemicals, doing the work of an antidepressant.


7. Boost creativity


Our brain has two hemispheres, the left brain, and the right brain. —The left-brain thinking is all about logic, reasoning, mathematical ability, etc.

-The correct brain thinking revolves around arts, creativity, feelings, etc.

People are said to be left-brained or right-brained, depending upon which side is dominant. However, meditation brings about a balance between these two hemispheres. It allows you to harness the full potential of your brain.


8. Secret to success


We are all chasing success, aren’t we? As an experiment, famous people who are successful in their field (acting, sports, business, art, etc.) are interviewed. It revealed that 90% of these people practiced meditation. It’s not surprising. Like we discussed earlier, mindfulness boosts creativity, brainpower, and balances your brain.


9. Boosts feel-good hormones


Hormones like serotonin, endorphin, dopamine and oxytocin are the happy hormones. They boost your mood and make you happy. With our hectic lifestyle, we’re getting deprived of these hormones. This is why many of us are irritable, grumpy, sad or depressed often. When we take antidepressants or pills to boost our mood, we are paving the way to an unhealthy dependency. The tablets are usually ones that increase the production of happy hormones. If you meditate, the levels of these hormones will increase naturally.


10. Break bad habits


Addiction is a massive monster for this generation. Addiction to technology, food, alcohol, and drugs, or any other thing isn’t suitable for a person. Anything in excess isn’t lovely, and almost every one of us is guilty of having a habit we wish to break. If you meditate, your will power will increase, and you will be able to tame your monkey mind. Thus, you won’t crave to whatever you are addicted.


11. Lose weight


These are weird times; we spend so much on food, and then spend money to lose weight. A lifestyle that lacks a proper diet and exercise leads to obesity and other diseases. Fitness has become a trend on social media, which is why more and more people are striving to achieve it. When you meditate, your mind becomes calmer. Your stress and depression levels get reduced. It curbs your need for stress eating. Meditation also burns belly fat, making you fit. It is one of an unexpected Benefits of Meditation For Students


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12. Reduce the need for sleep


We are so caught up in the rat race of life; we don’t even have time to get enough sleep. Melatonin is the chemical that helps us have a restful sleep, and it gets depleted because of stress. Meditation restores melatonin levels. It is important to remember that the practice will help you feel well-rested with fewer amounts of sleep. But, it is not a replacement for getting a healthy amount of sleep every night.


13. Anti-aging


The business of beauty and cosmetology is booming these days. That’s because everyone wants to retain their youth. You must have noticed that people who practice mindfulness look younger and livelier. As we age, free oxygen radicals starts producing in the skin. It is due to factors like sun damage, smoking, improper diet, etc.
Antioxidants are scavengers of free radicals. Hence, they prevent aging. Meditation is one of the best antioxidant producers out there.


14. Longevity


Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. People who meditate have been proven to live longer life. It is perhaps owing to the boosted telomerase levels. (Telomerase is an enzyme that makes you live longer). It might also be because meditate are healthier than the ones who do not.


15. Activate your subconscious


The human subconscious mind is very powerful. Have you ever gotten good ideas/ solutions for problems when you were showering, or when you just woke up in the morning? This is your subconscious mind at work. It plays a vital role in dreaming, creativity, and memory storage. Meditation will help you in harnessing the deepest layers of your account.


16. Prevent diseases and disorders


Meditation reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia. It keeps the heart healthy, cures infertility. It provides relief from PMS and other menstruation-related problems. In general, it makes immunity stronger. So, not only will you be healthy, but you’ll also spare yourself of a huge medical bill!


17. Be energetic


Are you habitual of picking up a coffee on your way to work or gulping an energy drink when you’re studying or working late at night? These things energize us immediately, but the effects don’t last for long. Mindfulness energizes better than a cup of Starbucks. Practicing it will also ensure that your batteries don’t drain out fast. This Benefits of Meditation For Students can easily be seen in few days only.


18. Stay positive


It indeed is true that everyone has a vibe. If your aura is positive, you will be more likable. Meditating will help you align your chakras and eradicate the negative thoughts from your mind. Thus, making you positive and happier.


19. Anger management


Anger can make you do permanent damages within seconds. When you practice mindfulness, your head gets cleared and you become more humble. This eradicates the root cause of anger, i.e., ego issues and the need to control other people. Your power of self-control increases as well.


20. More happiness


Everyone in this world wants to be happy in life. It’s all that matters in the end. If you meditate, you will receive all the benefits listed above. Your mind will be stress-free, you’ll be calm, healthy, and in control. Ultimately you will achieve inner peace and be happy.



I have tried to cover all the Benefits of Meditation For Students at present.- Written by Bhavika(Intern at BoldBlush)


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