Exquisite Ideas For Floral Wedding Decoration For Stage

wedding decoration for stage

Wedding decoration for stage is the most essential thing in the wedding. In the photogenic and click to share era, the decoration has to be remarkable and beautifully eye-soothing. But the good thing is, it can be quickly done by using some of the most simplistic and natural approaches too.

Not a single Indian wedding ceremony decoration is ever completed without the presence of fresh and fragrance blossoms. In this article, we will guide you through some of the most exclusive, minimalistic and luxuriant stage mandap decoration to make your big day even more memorable and “selfie-centric”. So, let’s explore the wedding decoration for stage.

Best 7 floral decor ideas for wedding decoration for stage-

1. Peach shade drapes with fresh blossoms:

If your primary choice is to go for a luxuriant looking wedding stage or mandap, without spending a much, then this is a perfect fit. The peach shade is one of the most eye-soothing and pleasant-looking colour to have in your wedding mandap theme decoration ideas.

Go for peach drapes decoration along with a combination of carnations, orchids and roses hue bunches. This is just a perfect choice for both the wedding stage and mandap.

Compliment the entire setup with delightful fairy light arrangement and floor LED to glam up your stage and mandap decoration. You can also ask your florist to prepare a heart-shaped floral arrangement which you can use it in the centre of the background wall.

2. Heavenly combination for Mandap and Stage:

One of the best way to excellently beautify the Mandap design or wedding decoration for stage is to use the divine combination of white and red colour flowers. Add a dreamy charm to the wedding venue and mandap using fresh white and pink colour carnations, orchids, roses and lilies.

For mandap, you can choose a beautiful dome shape design covered with the duo of white and pink wedding flower. For stage, go for a semi-spherical design decked up with low-hanging florets and LED strip. Use light shade drapes to cover the stage pillars and decorate it with fresh floral arrangements. If you are going to have a more significant stage arrangement, you can also keep tall-heightened decorative vases around the sitting arrangement.

3. White fur and red flowers for the big day:

Seeking some modern floral stage decoration idea, this is you should definitely love to have. Go for a combination of flower decoration and white fur arrangement. This looks absolutely flourishing and luxuriant.

This is a modern art decor to make your wedding ceremony definitely a memorable one. If you are thinking about which flowers to select along with white fur arrangement, we are here to help you.

You can go for the combination of white pink or white lavender shade to get florals utterly indulge in the stage decoration. For background, select a white drape design and decorate its borders with artificial florals and LED lights coming from the floor.

4. Gold theme never goes off fashion:

For wedding mandap decoration, the combo of white and gold is evergreen. For mandap, light-shade golden drapes along with a golden colour floral vase for the wedding decoration for stage is all you need to have. This looks luxurious and will not cost you much.

Ask your wedding decorators for latest mandap design in this shade and get is customised with your initials, a heart shape design or something else which you would love to have at your mandap or stage decoration.

If you are following this theme for wedding decoration for stage, try to have white chairs instead of the traditional red and golden colour ones. This complete stage decoration will give a luxurious and minimalistic look to the overall wedding venue.

5. Giant dome-shaped mandap cum stage:

This one is smart when it is about utilising the site and wedding flower decoration to the fullest. Ask your decoration service provider to design a giant dome-shape which could be used for both mandap and stage purpose.

Decorate the ceiling of the dome with low hanging floral frills and one centre light chandelier to compliment the entire decoration of the place. Decorate the dome-shaped flowering stage with floor lighting and giant artificial decorative vases.

You can utilise the empty centre space for mandap setup and for keeping the wedding sofa at the time of reception. As you will have enough space to move around, you won’t face any kind of space congestion.

6. Turn a pure mandap into a showstopper:

One of the best theme decorations you can have for the mandap is to go for a stunning backdrop floral design. Ask your wedding flower decorators to create an exquisite style backdrop flower arrangement to grab everyone’s attraction. Even if the mandap space is compact, just decorating the backdrop beautifully will do its job.

7. Planning a beach wedding?:

Beach wedding and exotic party decoration should be different from the traditional decor. Beachside mandap and wedding decoration should be minimalistic and complimenting to the beach location. Go for an open style mandap setup decorated with fresh white orchids lilies and carnation. Let the fantastic view of the beach make your wedding day even more beautiful and refreshing.

For the wedding beach party, simple drape design and fresh roses bouquet arrangements are just perfect for getting into the party mood. Keep the party venue minimalistic and spacious at your exotic location.

So, which decoration theme you are planning to choose? Right from royal to vibrant and beach style, we have seen some of the best available options to make your special day even memorable with blissful wedding decoration for stage.

Plan your decoration theme, florist, and other arrangements in advance, so you don’t have to hassle at the end moment. Select the florals at least one week before so that the florist also have enough time to sprinkle creativity in the decor. All these decoration ideas are hot trends of 2019 designs, choose your favourite theme now and get the wedding decoration started.

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