What Is Fear Of Missing Out and How To Deal With It

Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO is an attitude on trend these days. This feeling is possessed by a vast majority of worldwide, particularly teenagers.

So what exactly is this FOMO? and why is there a hype about it? So here is the explanation-

FOMO is basically a feeling of fear or losing out trending information in social media. The hunger of knowing which meme is trending at this particular second or which celebrity hooked up with whom at this very moment is FOMO.

Constantly being anxious about social media and checking it needles a number of times by refreshing it every now and then is the FEAR what we are talking about.

Stuffing your mind with needless information which does not deserve your attention just because you have to be on “trend” with your friends in FB is FOMO.

Fear Of Missing Out helps you to acquire all the knowledge trending on social media to give you a pleasure of being a know-it-all.

How to deal with FOMO?

LIMIT your usage of social media:

Track your time for how long you are consciously present in the social hub and check the quality of content you are following.

Limit the number of social media apps on your phone:

Just for the sake of being a-know-it-all, you don’t need to be active on all social media platforms. Just one or two platforms and you are good to go.

Follow pages or people based on your interests:

People often tend to follow pages or send friendship requests to unknown people just because their Facebook friend follows them. Now here you have to check that the content or people may or may not deserve your attention. So don’t follow them simply because your friends follow them.

Control your urge:

constantly huddling through your smartphone just for the newest feed every second is the worst stage of FOMO. Your mind loses its ability to focus and is assigned with the task of finding new feeds anyhow. So the simplest solution is to control your urge and tell yourself repeatedly that even if I don’t check social media for an hour I won’t lose anything!

Start a new hobby:

Take out your attention from social media and put it in something fruitful like painting or learning guitar. This will relax your mind and eventually, you will never be a victim of FOMO.

– Written by Khansa(Intern at BoldBlush)

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