Top 20 Sarcastic Chandler Bing Quotes Only Few Can Understand

Chandler Bing quotes

Chandler Bing, a character of the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. tv show of the 90’s is the king of sarcasm.

His wit, humour, and expressions used to leave the audience spell bound. There is no surprise that his witty lines trend these days even after more than two decades.

Here are top 20 sarcastic lines by the king of sarcasm!

1. HE’S A HE? :

This line by Mr Bing extracted squirts of laughter from the audience. This line basically was said by him in the context of a gay person.

2. I just realised I can sleep with my eyes open.

3. I just want a million dollars:

This is Mr Bing’s reply when Ross Geller expresses his wish to just get married and Rachel Green comes in huddling dressed like a bride near them.
So Chandler wished for a million dollars by being sarcastic.

4. I am not great at advice.Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment? This is the reply given by him when Rachel asks for his advice.

5. Why do we make friends with the wrong sister! This was a classic reply given to Rachel’s younger sister.

6. Well that’s good you finally got a place to do this:

Chandler’s funny reply to Joey Tribbiani when he claims that he actually found a place to sit back,relax drink and have some chips.

7. Why is your family Ross? A tremendous reply given to Monica when she claimed why his native is Scottish!

8. I am gonna die alone:

A hilarious reply given by him after his recent breakup to Rachel when she complained about her sea shell lamp damaged by Monica.

9. Kind of scary ass clowns came to your birthday! :

His reply to Joey when he assigns the Head of a coin to duck prints on a baby’s t-shirt because ducks have heads!

10. He has to get me a women repeller:

Chandler’s outrage for Joey’s golden bracelet gifted to him which he hated to wear.

11. Give me your underwear:

A heated argument arose between Chandler and one of the visitor in a restaurant. The argument was for a chair in which a visitor sat on which Chandler was previously sitting.

12. That is so not true:

A hilarious event in central perk where Joey,Phoebe and Ross make fun of Chandler’s style of speaking.

13. Hell is filled with people like you:

A reply given ti Monica when she irritates him while he was staring on phone waiting for a call.

14. Now we all have to find a plain lot of people whose resolution is to plum it to their deaths:

A hilarious reply to Phoebe when she expressed her new year’s resolution to pilot a commercial jet.

15. No you can’t have my jacket because then I would be cold:

An unexpected reply given to a girl on a date when she asked for her man’s jacket as she was feeling cold .

16. I am funny right? What do you know you are a door, you only understand knock knock jokes :

An indignant remark by Chandler when his sense of humour was challenged by Monica.

17. You got a man who is a nanny? You got a manny:

A direct one liner which is a classic joke even today.

18. Okay, I think she’s trying to tell us something. Quickly get the verbs! :

This super funny line was uttered by Chandler when Rachel who was totally flabbergasted was trying to say that her love was having a love scene in the airport.

19. No! It’s an Electric Drill! You GET ME you KILL ME!

20. Cheese, It’s MILK that you CHEW!

– Written by Khansa (Intern at BOLDBLUSH)

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