Why Always Being Busy Is Not Actually Good

Being busy is not good

‘Being busy does not always mean real work’ – Thomas A. Edison

‘People who are always busy, actually do not do anything’ – George Christoph Lichtenburg

‘Beware the barrenness of a busy life’ – Socrates.

Isn’t it weird that the top successful people and leaders quoted about one should not be busy?

Maybe that’s one of the reasons for their becoming a legend and we still follow their principles.

Working towards achieving your goal is very good, however obsessing over it, will take you nowhere.

It’s always good to have a to-do list and follow it strictly, but overloading yourself with tons of work at a time may backfire.

Being busy can be someone’s cool quotient, nevertheless, it is not necessary to maintain it.

There are many reasons why one should not keep oneself always busy.

Let’s start from the reason for which we tend to stay busy, the “work”.

Staying too busy can actually hamper your work progress. If you keep yourself too busy then you lose scope of thinking out of the box.

You cannot give sufficient time for your mind to relax and boom with new ideas, so what is the point of working on the same track with nothing new.

We all know, brain and body need a perfect amount of rest to function properly, directly or indirectly or brain gets affected with staying too much busy, it forgets to ease and you start feeling stressed and depressed.

One can never work effectively in this way.

Next thing is that you by default opt multi-tasking, it’s good at some level but after that, it is just going to make your schedule hectic and will just drive you away from your goal.

One thing leads to another, and stress starts to show its adverse effects on health.

Long busy hours deprives health in almost all ways. Prolonged work leads to severe headaches, back pains and neck pains as well.

Taking a break once in a while and stretching can be of help here.

If your work is related to computers, then your eyes will be the most which will get affected.

Due to your busy agenda, sometimes unknowingly you skip meals and may get affected by weakness and fatigue.

Your immunity system becomes weaker and weaker day by day. Other issues you may face are stomach upsets, insomnia and chest pain as well.

Apart from health issues, family and social life are going to get disturbed for sure.

APJ. Abdul Kalam once said that, “If you fail in life, neither your boss nor your client will offer you a helping hand, your family and friends will.”

It is undeniably true. If you keep yourself so busy always maybe in work, or your own passions, or anything personal that you forget everyone else who love and care for you, then maybe it’s time you rethink your path.

Tomorrow or later you will realize that even though you have achieved your goals you are feeling empty as no one is beside you to enjoy your achievement.

Make some space in your schedule for your parents, have a cup of tea with your friends at your ‘nukkad’ points may be, ask them about their life, help someone in need, read to your son, play tennis with your daughter, take your better half for a nice dinner date just start living your life to the fullest.

In some duration you will notice your health is improving, your grey matter is developing and you are moving further towards your aim.

Someone has rightly said, “If you want to walk fast walk alone, but if you want to walk far walk together.”

Even Ratan Tata follows the above saying, well he is successful!

Don’t stay too tight..

Enjoy every moment and live life just about right!

– Written by Rutuja Daphale (Intern at BoldBlush)

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