Priyanka Chopra DIY Homemade Beauty Secrets

The Quantico actress Priyanka Chopra Beauty Secrets are not secretive anymore. Her glamorous and attractive plump lips have easy to do DIY Skincare secrets. These are 100% natural with zero cloggings of pores that enhances your beauty by their constant applications.

So here are her DIY skincare secrets:


They define a lady’s final facial look. We hardly take the efforts to nourish such an integral part of our appearance.

Just use a few grains of sugar with a little bit of rose water and massage your lips for a few minutes and wash off. This will exfoliate your lips by removing dead skin cells and make your lips look plump.

The sugar being Hygroscopic in nature absorbs moisture and makes the lips go plump. Yes, there’s real science behind it!

You can use a few rose petals along with it to get a soft pink hue on your lips.


An Indian Beauty tradition. This paste (ubtan) works wonders for your skin. It hydrates, moisturises, exfoliates and scrub your skin and makes it look lighter with constant application.

Take two teaspoons of whole wheat flour, a pinch of turmeric, few drops of lime juice, one teaspoon full cream yoghurt and few drops of rose water. The consistency should be of a paste. Apply it on your face and let it dry. Brush it off with your fingers to remove fine hairs from your face then wash off completely.

Natural make up remover:

Even after washing off your face completely the facial pores cry for fresh air!

They become tightly clogged due to layers and layers of makeup application.

Take some coconut oil and apply on your face. Then moisten your face with a clean warm wet towel. This will clean up your pores and make you look extremely fresh.

Body scrub:

This is a full-body scrub which moisturises, heals, hydrates exfoliate and protect your skin.

Take a cup of gram flour, full cream unflavored yoghurt, a pinch of turmeric, a teaspoon of sandalwood powder, few drops of lime juice, few drops of whole milk to get a particular consistency.

Let it dry then scrub it off with your fingers then wash off completely. If you have oily skin then you can go for skimmed milk and low-fat yoghurt.

Be careful of turmeric how much you put it because it has the tendency to give your skin a yellowish tinge.

Scalp treatment:

This treatment is recommended for dry scalp or scalp infected with dandruff. Take two tablespoons full-fat yoghurt, a teaspoon of honey and an egg. Apply it on your scalp then wash it off completely after 30 minutes. Use normal tap water to wash it off.

Do not use hot water else the egg will cook on your head. This yoghurt treatment basically hydrates and nourishes your scalp, yes that’s why it is in the list of Priyanka Chopra Beauty Secrets.

Information courtesy: Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar

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– Written by KHANSA( Intern at BOLDBLUSH)

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