8 Eco Friendly Products For The Home You Can Switch Today

Bamboo products

Organic items are trending these days. More and more people are becoming aware of the harms of refined and chemically treated items. eco-friendly products for the home is a necessity.

Refined items lack essential supplements required by our body. Perfectly natural things have the tendency of pampering its users with the blissful qualities it owns.

Bamboo is one such natural organic item which can replace the synthetic items you use on a daily basis.

Here are 8 eco-friendly products for the home we can switch :

1. Hand made bamboo combs:

These intricate handmade bamboo combs work wonders for your luscious hair. It prevents the occurrence of static and prevents split ends. Regular use of these combs will make the ends of your hair properly nourished. It also distributes sebum in your scalp naturally along the length of your hair making it healthy and strong.

2. Bamboo napkins and toilet papers:

Synthetic napkins used in homes cause billions of tonnes of waste each year worldwide. Bamboo napkins can be reused again even after several washes. Toilet papers made from bamboo are safer than papers as it is more eco friendly than papers.

3. Bamboo food jars:

bamboo food jars

The food we order from restaurants is almost every other day comes in white Synthetic jars which are a threat to the environment. Moreover, the food which you consume has been packed in synthetic jars for hours before you finally consume it.

Food should be kept in bamboo jars which posses least amount of threat to our health.

4. Bamboo straws:

The plastic straws which we use at juice shops create tonnes of plastic waste. We can minimize the plastic load from our environment by using bamboo straws instead of plastic ones.

5. Bamboo shoots:

It is a popular dish item in northeast Asia. This dish item can be popularised by regularly using them on our menu. It has numerous health benefits and is a must try for health-conscious people.

6. Bamboo speakers:

This item is the most interesting item of bamboo. This speaker is made with just one piece of bamboo. It is cut into intricate patterns at specefied places to produce maximum amplification of sounds without electricity. This is a cost-effective and highly environment friendly!

7. Bamboo mattings:

Bamboo floorings provide a browny tinge to your lounge which is highly charismatic. Synthetic floorings which are similar to bamboo mattings are not environment friendly. To make your evenings nourishing and pampering go for bamboo floorings. They are highly durable and are often referred to as vegetable steel.

8. Bamboo toothbrush:

The handles of toothbrush made with royal brown colored bamboo are highly efficient in place of regular synthetic ones. The bristles of these brushes are made from eco-friendly material which is gentle for your gums. They keep your teeth clean and healthy. This item is a great alternative for your synthetic toothbrush.

reasons to switch bamboo

– Written by Khansa(Intern at BOLDBLUSH)

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