How to Get Better Sleep At Night

Changes for better sleep

Ways on how to get better sleep at night you need to do so that you are active all day long and don’t feel drizzy in the amidst of your work.

With an unceasing workload and irregular hours of sleep, it might be hard to catch the proper amount of sleep. Even if by some miracle you do manage to get to bed in time to get 8+ hours of sleep, you face another problem. How do I fall asleep?

Ten different scenarios and countless sheep later, you finally manage to get your sleep. But before you know it, it’s already time to wake up. Oh, how we wish to destroy the alarm clock and pull the blanket of darkness back in the sky so that we can catch a few extra minutes of sleep.

Well, we can’t pull the darkness back in the sky but here are ways on how to get better sleep at night

Remove the drinks that can keep you awake

Anything that has caffeine, alcohol and nicotine should be avoided for four hours before you sleep. Caffeine includes our beloved coffee, tea and chocolate. Cigarettes should also be avoided. These substances keep our mind active, something we do not want. We need to relax and sleep!

Reform your room into the bat-cave

You don’t need to be Bruce Wayne to have your own bat cave. You can create your own bat cave by adding heavy curtains and dark shades to your room. Keep your room sound-proof or get earplugs. You will miss the high tech stuff but the silence and the darkness will definitely induce sleep.

Keep that clock out of sight

The only reason you need the clock is to ring the alarm to wake you up. Don’t keep it directly in your line of sight. Knowing the time makes our brains more anxious about the lack of time we have to sleep. The mind needs to relax, not be anxious. So forget the clock till it rings tediously to wake you up in the morning.

Don’t hate the daylight

Let your body adjust to nature’s clock. Natural light keeps your internal clock on a healthy sleep-wake cycle. So let in the light first thing in the morning and get out of the office for a sun break during the day.

Do you really need a nap?

Ask yourself this question before you decide to nap. If you do, make it a light one. Make sure that your nap is a light one. It might be difficult to sleep at night if you have already had enough sleep during the daytime. The best sleep is the one you get when you are truly tired.

A light dinner

It would be optimal to finish your dinner for several hours(around 3) before going to sleep. Avoid food that would cause you indigestion. If you are hungry at night, snack on foods that will not disturb your sleep.

Just enough water

Drinking water is healthy. But do not drink a lot of water before going to sleep. Don’t drink so much that you need to visit the loo just when you are getting comfortable in your bed. Drink just enough to keep yourself hydrated.

Sleep Hacks To Have A Sound Sleep

Turn into a Luddite an hour before

Abstain from using any kind of technology for an hour before you go to sleep. A survey indicates that the light from these devices make it harder for the brain to shut down.

Bed = Sleep only

Do not laze around or work on your bed. Associate your bed with a place to sleep. In this manner, your brain automatically acknowledges that this is the environment to sleep and it will make it easier to fall asleep.

Have a great mattress, one of the ways of how to get better sleep at night.

Maintain a routine

Try to create a routine that calms you down before you go to sleep. Maintain this routine so that it is easier for your brain to shut down and go to sleep.

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