5 Reasons Why You Should Switch To Bamboo

Switch to bamboo

With the rapid depletion of natural resources, climate change and global warming, people are finally realising the consequences of their careless actions. It’s time to consider reasons to switch to bamboo.

The polluted seas are killing marine life; we are facing a lack of water in many cities across the world; numerous animals have gone extinct.

Not all of us can become an activist or donate a lot of money to promote a change. But we can take small steps to improve our environment.

Stop using plastic items, change to other bio-degradable items.

Bamboo is one such plant that can be used to replace numerous items. It can be used to build houses, create clothes, make accessories and so much more.

Here are five top reasons to switch to bamboo from today->

Renewable resource

The first and foremost reason to start using bamboo is that it is a renewable resource. It takes about one to five years for bamboo to mature depending on the species. This is considerably fast compared to other trees. It also does not require pesticides, herbicide or fertilizers to aid its growth. It has an amazing growth rate. It grows more than three feet every day. It will grow a new shoot from its roots after being harvested and there is no need for additional plantation. It does not need irrigation or re-plantation.

It is the all-round resourceful plant

Bamboos are a very versatile plant to use. They offer you a wide range of varieties in its uses. Bamboo can replace wood for everything. Chairs, houses, papers, furniture, charcoal, it can all be replaced by bamboo. Bamboo fibres are far stronger than wood fibres and are less likely to warp from changing atmospheric conditions.

You can also make jewellery, key chains, pencils, pens, clothing and other accessories and necessity from bamboos.

Everything is useful

From the tip of the plant to the end of its root, every single part of this plant can be used. It can either be used for our daily needs or for medicinal purposes. Not a single part of the bamboo is wasted.

Economic development

A lot of countries across the world are facing the problem of unemployment. Bamboo production and manufacturing of bamboos create employment opportunities in areas that are in an urgent need for social and economic stability.

Soil protection

Once the forests are cut and stumps are burned to provide fertilizer and space to grow more crops, erosion is inevitable as the topsoil and the nutrients have been washed away by the rainfall. The eroded soil clogs the rivers and streams. This affects the lives of people and animals living downstream. Bamboo roots remain in place after harvesting where they prevent erosion and help retain nutrients for the next crop.

Bamboo can also grow in arid regions where droughts cause other crops to fail. Since the roots are left in place after harvesting, it helps to preserve vital moisture in the soil. From low wetlands to higher elevations in the mountains, bamboo thrives in a wide range of climates.

In a world where everyone is fighting over resources, bamboos are a common point that can be grown everywhere.

It cannot completely stop global warming or reverse the already existing pollution and damage across the world.

But it can definitely be a step away from using non-biodegradable objects that cause excess waste that cannot be disposed of. Bamboos offer us product and comfort which does not come at a cost of irreparable damage to our environment.

After all, the flap of a butterfly wing here can be the cause of a hurricane somewhere else. Let us all aim for a better future together.

Products to switch to bamboo

– Written by Aaghna (Intern at BOLDBLUSH)

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