15 Cruelty Free Makeup Brands In India​

Cruelty free makeup and skin care brands in India

Cruelty free makeup brands in India one should know. These brands promote Ayurvedic and organic products mainly which is awesome.

Vegan makeup brands are going to change everything in the near future.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

This great and meaningful quote said by Father of our nation is our responsibility as a citizen of our beloved and beautiful country. Apart from this, we human beings are not the only aspect of nature, Mother Nature has many children and one of them are animals.

It is our sole duty to look after them or at least not torture them or harm them in any sort of way.

Well, there are some brands in India who have considered this as an important task and have opposed testing of products on animals. This type of product is known as cruelty-free (CF) product.

Cruelty free makeup brands in India may not be essentially Ayurvedic or herbal, but they satisfy animal rights.

Small steps can bring major revolution, so why not start by buying makeup products which are cruelty-free (CF).

You are anyways beautiful, but such make up will beautify your soul as well.

1. Shahnaz Husain

The brand derived its name from their chairperson and managing director Shahnaz Husain. We are all familiar with this renowned personality for her remarkable work in utilizing Indian Ayurveda and herbs for vegan makeup brands. This brand is recognized under the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) organization.

2. Lotus Herbals

Another CF brand since 1993, is a great place for cosmetics, skincare and makeup products. A very affordable and varied brand as well. They have claimed no animal testing on their website itself.

3. Himalaya

It is one of the most loved and adored brand in India for baby products, makeup and skincare. Well, this brand has a unique story, Mr Manal, ‘the founder’ is a nature-loving and exploring person. In the forests of Burma, he once witnessed a villager feed rauwolfia serpentine herb to calm a herd of frantic elephants. That’s when it struck him that nature has healing properties and hence decided to use for mankind.

4. Khadi Natural

The name itself represents India. This brand has a nice range of skincare, including massage oils, scented and herbal soaps, face scrubs, sunscreen lotions, etc. The products appear so authentic that it is hard not to buy.

5. Jovees

A CF brand, especially for skin and hair care, shares a lot of variety in toner, cleanser, scrub, etc. Sunscreen of jovees is widely used and appreciated. It claims cruelty-free on their website itself.

6. Plum Goodness

A purple brand, recognized under PETA has collections spread over skincare like face scrub, moisturizer, etc. , hair care (conditioners and shampoos) and bath shower gels, body oils etc. In makeup, it is limited only to kajal.

cruelty free makeup

7. Colorbar

As of the name, it’s an actual colourful makeup brand. Lipstick, eye shadows, blushes, mascara, etc. are available in almost all shades and styles. This brand has partners in many parts of the world. It is one of my favourite Cruelty free makeup brands in India.


A trusted and very deep-rooted ayurvedic brand. Their major focus lies in skincare from within. It is also documented under PETA.

9. Soul tree

This brand offers solutions for hair, skin and beauty care with genuine organic products avoiding petroleum-based products, DEA/TEA, artificial fragrances and colours. The brand is officially certified under European Certification Agency BDIH of Germany.

10. Aloe Veda-

Another good brand with ayurvedic products, emphasis on skincare, spa products, bath body care and massage oils. Sub brands under AloeVeda are Distil, Natria, Native Haat and Garbin sack.

11. Iba Halal Care

It is a PETA certified brand, founded by two sisters from Gujarat. Ecotrail personal care is a team behind this success. They believe in pure, chemical-free and ethical products.

12. La Flora Organics

Flora means plants and flowers, so basically, these products are originally 100% toxic-free and an outcome of unadulterated nature. The products are not only CF but also vegan.

13. Biotique

The brand is exclusive to ayurvedic skincare, baby products, hair care, bath and body care and perfumes. Ingredients such as avocado, almonds, apricot, basil, bringhraj, etc. dwell in the products.

14. Blue Heaven

This brand is well known for makeup products at a very reasonable rate. Apart from rates, it provides safe and sound, quality makeup products.

15. Kama Ayurveda

A whole set of Ayurveda and Herbs at one store is Kama Ayurveda. No artificial colours, no flavours, no petrochemicals and no testing on animals is strictly observed under this brand.

Pick your favourite brand and enjoy it to the fullest.

For more Cruelty free makeup brands in India, you can visit the official PETA website and also leaping bunny website.

Feel good from within and your face will shine the glow!!

Be proud of yourself by opting for vegan makeup brands!!

cruelty free makeup and skin care brands India

– Written by Rutuja Daphale (Intern at BoldBlush)

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