15 Self Care Tips, No Matter How Busy You Are

Self care tips

Self care tips should be a priority for everyone who is health-conscious.

Your health is your most valuable asset. It can never be replaced by any amount of your financial success.

Health should be our topmost priority even before our family and work.

Self-care should be considered seriously if you want to flourish at home and work.

So here are 15 self-care tips for busy people->

1. Stop saying “I am busy!”:

This appears a bit strange but yes you are devastating your health by saying this to yourself. Feeding your mind continuously day and night with this low-quality thought is going to ruin your external as well as internal well being.

2. Don’t overthink and Breathe:

A number of problems in our life apart from our health can be solved simply by breathing deeply for a few minutes. While indulging in an argument take a few deep breaths to avoid a conflict. This will reduce your mental tension and naturally slow down your aging process.

3. Keep an eye on your mind:

Our mind loves to chat and present opinions even on needless topics!
It can never sit idle.

Try meditating for a few minutes you will understand how difficult it is to make your mind do nothing!

This point is the conceptual part of this content.

If you refuse to observe what you are thinking and why you are thinking then mentally it can be devastating. You will ruin your natural beauty and deteriorate your health. This cycle of continuous thinking about everything around me good or bad will give you serious ailments.

To conquer this bad habit is one of the most important points of self-care.

4. Stop using too much social media:

People these days are a victim of FOMO i.e. Fear Of Missing Out. Now I want to clarify one thing, you do not need to rely on Facebook or Twitter posts, know every minute what is trending.

Trust me you won’t be left out. If you do not do so then over a period of time you will be over-informed about a certain issue which is certainly not worth your attention. Have limited and high-quality resources to inform you about the latest updates that you need to be concerned about.

This saved time by not using social media can be used for self priority like doing some gardening or taking your dog out for a walk which will relax you. It is one of the best self-care tips.

5. Are you sleeping properly?:

Sleep is vital for your body. It repairs and rejuvenates your skin and muscles naturally. High quality sleep naturally, unfortunately, has become uncommon these days.

There are posts and memes about Insomnia all over the internet. Skipping sleep just to binge-watch a series or complete your assignment will have the worst effect on your beauty. It will make your skin prone to wrinkles.

Not enough sleep can destroy your focus, hamper productivity, and reduce your immunity to fight diseases. So this is an important self-care regime to have a good quality sleep.

Sprinkle some lavender drops on your pillow for a good night’s sleep.

And also you should avoid oversleeping. Oversleeping also has serious diseases linked with it. It will make your face look bloated and tired all the time thus reducing your spark.

6. Eat healthily:

Eating nutritious and well-cooked food has a direct connection with your mind. Eating junk food too much can seriously affect the quality of your skin. It can make you prone to acne, pimples, and hormonal fluctuations.

Moreover not having a diverse range of food items can make your body crave important vitamins and minerals. So try to have home-cooked food which constitutes an amazing self-care tip.

7. Walk 1 km every day:

Make this your habit even in your tightest scheduled day. This will improve blood circulation in the lower region of your body preventing you from painful muscular stiffness and tightness. It will also burn excess calories.

Walk briskly if possible to extract the maximum benefits of this one hour. Try to silence the urge of using your phone. Go out for a stroll leaving your responsibilities behind just for an hour. This hour is for you. You have earned it.

8. Use your free time in office:

If self-care is your priority then you will use the tiniest amount of free time available to you. While staring at the monitor do some deep breathing Pranayams for few seconds. This will boost your mood and make you look attractive to talk to.

9. Use the staircase instead of elevators:

Now, this is the best exercise for you before you start hustling at work. It makes your brain active and gets ready for work mode. It also plays an active role in slimming you down.

10. Take regular breaks at work:

Even for a couple of minutes but do take a break after continuous brain digging. This will make you look and feel fresh for longer. It is proven that inculcating this habit in your work routine makes you work for a longer period.

11. Stay hydrated:

Drink a standing amount of water essential for a healthy body. This will make your skin look tighter and replenished.

This is also self-care to monitor your water drinking habit.

12. Give yourself regular head massage:

Go regularly to the salon to pamper your scalp if you can afford it. A handy tip would be to give a simple finger massage of 2-3 minutes on your scalp before washing your hair. This is better than the most expensive spa therapies and works wonders!

13. Pursue your hobbies:

Do some dancing or singing or maybe just cook a simple dish to engage your mind out of work issues. You don’t have to practice them daily but if practiced weekly it will give fruitful results.

You will become satisfied within. You will never require any expensive cosmetics or surgeries to fake your happiness. Your mind will be at peace which can be achieved by practicing this method of self-care.

14. Surround yourself with people like you:

If possible try to get around people who have similarities with you. Attend the social gathering by people like you to bond with them. Man is a social being. He is created with specific attributes and features to live in a society.

The belief that ” no one understands me” is a misconception. The real problem is, you don’t understand yourself.

So try to be around people who are on the same page with you if possible.

15. Don’t abuse your attention:

Your attention is a vital thing for you. It should not be used to hear gossips or fake propaganda news. It should not be used to please people who poison your well being. Use your attention wisely. Low energy small talks act as weed for your mind. Nourish it with high-quality information and news to reap the maximum benefits.

self care tips

– Written by Aaghna (Intern at BOLDBLUSH)

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