8 Gift Ideas For Techies To Surprise Them

Gift ideas for technology lover

We all have that one tech-savvy friend that you consult whenever you are clueless about technology. Many times they are a blessing on earth for your inexperienced self. You are grateful for all the times they helped you and you wish to gift them something now that their birthday is around the corner. So here are some gift ideas for techies

WI-FI Extender
It is the little things that matter the most. A Wi-Fi extender can be really handy for your tech lover friend. This makes sure that your friend has an internet connection everywhere he needs.

VR headset
With the ever-changing and evolving technology of mankind, we have created a world that exists yet doesn’t. Virtual Reality is a place where tech lovers meet other tech lovers. VR Headsets are the epitome of fiction that turned to reality.

Home Sound System
A home sound system ensures quality sound for all the videos they watch and movies or series they binge on. This heightens the experience of binge-watching.

A Drone

It is an ultimate gift you can give to a tech lover. Drones are the next-generation technology that allows it’s user to witness scenes from different angles from miles away. They can also deliver small packages and carry other features depending on what kind of drone you buy.

This is one of the costliest gift ideas for techies. You could pitch in with your friends and gift him a drone if you are still lacking in funds. But whatever it may be, a drone will be worth your effort. It will bring a smile on your friend’s face.

Noise Cancelling Headphones
Every tech lover would love an amazing pair of headphones that allow them to listen to their music. There are various features you could opt for. You could also go for wireless noise-cancelling headphones.

Touch screen Smartwatch

A touch screen smartwatch allows them to work quicker and easier. A smartwatch saves them the time of checking their phones repeatedly. It would be even more helpful if your friend is into fitness. This will monitor their heartbeat, steps taken, stairs climbed and the workout conducted. One of the most stylish gift ideas for techies.

It keeps track of their health continuously and helps them in their daily activities. A bonus to this is that a smartwatch is also aesthetically pleasing to have.

Portable Movie Projector
If your friend loves watching movies or series, you can gift them a portable movie projector. Now they can watch their favourite shows or movies on a bigger screen as long as they have an empty wall.

This can also be used to pay a reel of old memories on their birthday or any other special occasion as a surprise.


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Wireless Photo Printer
If your friend is a traveller or someone who enjoys capturing memories, you can get them a wireless photo printer. This is a lot like a Polaroid. Except it will directly be connected to the phone or a laptop. It allows the photos to be edited before they will be printed on the spot.

If these don’t work, you can always go or some traditional ways. You can buy them a gift card or just ask them subtly what they desire to be gifted recently. If you find it had to be subtle, just ask them outright and gift them what they desire.


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-Written by Aaghna (Intern at BOLDBLUSH)

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