6 Benefits Of Lemon Water You Must Know

Benefits of lemon water

Lemons’- The pale yellow, round, fleshy and juicy fruit found in every house is one of the prime ingredients of our daily routine diet. The little trickles of squeezed lemon on our food give a mouthwatering sour and tangy taste.

But, lemons serve more than taste, they are very rich in vitamin C and have 5-6% of citric acid. Another such daily vital part of our diet is water. Water is the base of our immune system.

What if these two ingredients join hands?? Well, we get a perfect solution valuable in many ways.

Glowing Skin –

Lemon water rich in vitamin C (ascorbic acid) is a great antioxidant. Also, vitamin C helps to produce collagen. Collagen reinforces the skin, improves elasticity and keeps the skin hydrated.

Citric acid also plays it’s a role in fighting the red bumps (acne) on the face. Hence drinking lemon water early mornings gives you a nice glowing skin and also lightens the skin and fades facial scars. You can also sweeten lemon water with honey to enjoy it.

Flattens the belly fat –

Apart from exercise, half a lemon squeezed in one glass of lukewarm water daily or alternate day helps to reduce belly fat and weight at the end.

Lemon water on empty stomach cleans the intestines, improves the digestive system and the metabolism rate also starts running, which in turn reduces bloating and thus belly fat starts shrinking gradually.

Strengthens Immune system

Lemon water is a simple natural way to boost your immune system. The rich vitamin C helps in fighting viral infections and bacterial attacks.

Consuming lemon water during any time of the day is very beneficial but drinking it too close to bedtime might backfire. The citric acid in lemon can damage the enamel coating on teeth, for that prefer brushing your teeth after having lemon water.

Detoxifies body

Detoxification is basically the removal of toxic substances which cause enzymes to become lethal, have adverse effects on our organs and many other negative effects.

Lemon water detoxifies the body in an indirect way. Drinking lemon water leads to frequent urination, which helps to remove toxins.

Squeeze lemon in warm water and drink daily in the morning over empty stomach.

Reduces Joint Pain

Lemon contains 136mg of potassium, 26 mg of calcium and a minor amount of sodium and magnesium. It’s like a ‘chota packet bada dhamaka’, tiny but hugely useful and effective.

Lemon water dissolves uric acids. If uric acids are not passed out from the body, they start forming crystals on joints and tissues. This leads to inflammation, rigidity and discomfort in joints. Gout one of such condition where extremely painful joints are experienced, doctors recommend drinking lemon water.

Maintains PH Balance

Maintaining an optimum pH balance is like holding a shield against our enemy called disease. On a scale of 0-14, 0 being the extremely acidic and 14 being the extreme basic, our body requires a pH of around 7.3-7.5.

Lemons are acidic in nature with a pH value of near about 2 or 3, while water has a pH of about 7. The combination of both forms an alkaline nature. This alkaline lemon water helps neutralizes the body acidity.

An acidic body is disease-prone, causing chronic illness, arthritis, premature ageing, yeast and fungal growth, etc. So, sip lemon water to stay away from these all.

Bonus Tips:

a) To get more juice out of a lemon, dip it in warm water for before using it.
b) If you are thinking of using lemon topically, please do neutralize it a bit before using.

– Written by Rutuja Daphale (Intern at BOLDBLUSH)

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3 thoughts on “6 Benefits Of Lemon Water You Must Know

  1. I used to drink lemon water few years back. I found three changes in me.

    Weight loss
    Boosting immunity power
    Glowing skin

    As lemon has vitamin C so it provides you a glowing skin.


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