8 Essentials For Monsoon Season 2022 You Need To Buy Now

Essentials for monsoon season

The dark skies, the pitter-patter of rains as it kisses the pavement and the alluring smell of wet soil. It all indicates the start of the monsoon.

We all enjoy a cup of hot drink and a plate of hot food when we admire the rains from indoors. But the problem arises when we have to leave the sanctity of our house and brave the rains to head outside.

Being drenched in rains is not exactly something we enjoy.

Here are eight essentials for monsoon seasons->

Waterproof Bag

This is a must-have when you leave the house. You don’t want your things to be ruined because your bag couldn’t keep the water out.


Shelter yourself from the rains and avoid being drenched as you go on with your busy day.

Plastic footwear

Trudging through muddy waters can be annoying with your regular footwear. Gumboots can be worn comfortably during the monsoons. It is fashionable and comfortable for your feet.

Phone cover

Water is a major nemesis to your phones. Just like how you avoid water, your phone also wants to avoid water. Pack your phone in a waterproof cover. Protect your phone and the precious data from rains.

Comfortable clothes

Travelling in rains can be irritating and troublesome if your clothes are wet and sticky. The humidity may also make you feel uncomfortable. It is best to travel in comfortable loose clothing that will not stick to your skin.

Waterproof pouch for essentials

A separate waterproof pouch can be carried to store for your essentials such as make-up products and digital devices to protect it. A double-protection is never bad. Better safe than sorry.

Although you carry your umbrella with you, it can never fully protect you from the rains. A raincoat can act as a better cover and protect your outfit from the heavy rains.

A bottle of water
Monsoon may be a season of water, but it is also a season that attracts flies and other bugs. Always carry a bottle of clean water with you. Monsoon is the season when one gets sick easily.

So, take care of your health and enjoy the lovely monsoon weather. These are the essentials for monsoon season that you must have.

Monsoon Season Hacks

Apart from that, also substitute your earphones, make-up and other items that can easily be ruined with their waterproof counterparts.

Now that you have everything you need, have no fear and enjoy your monsoons as you know now Essentials for monsoon season.

– Written by Aaghna( Intern At BOLDBLUSH)

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One thought on “8 Essentials For Monsoon Season 2022 You Need To Buy Now

  1. Sometimes we know the things but forget to carry.

    Small tips can do great in the rainy seasons really.

    One must carry a waterproof bag and plastic footwear. As there is a lot of infection in this season, without doing proper care we will end up damaging our health.


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