Earn Online By Making Happy Sketches For Happyzozo


Earn online by making happy sketches for happyzozo. You need not be professional about this. Make sketches and get paid.

More than 1000s of search is been done daily on Google to earn online or ways to earn money at home.

work from home jobs
work from home jobs

And how many of them are real?

Also, how many of them are for people who love drawing.

This problem is been realized by someone and introduced the concept of spreading happiness by making sketches of happy images.

Now, these sketches have not been professional at all, these can be made by anyone and spread happiness.

The agenda is to bring your doodles on the platform and make the community stronger.

There is an artistic keeda inside everybody.

Most of us just love to doodle in their free time. Then why not to convert that for something beneficial.

This way you can draw and earn at the same time.

Isn’t that interesting?

Now the question comes, how you can be a part of it?

1. Sign up for the website by filling a simple online application form with all your personal details.

2. Draw a sketch, you can choose over 30 categories.

3. Submit your sketch for approval.

4. Get paid- for each approved sketch, they will pay 15 INR/sketch for First 100 sketches and then 30 INR/sketch.

That’s it!

Then what are you waiting for? Just grab a pencil and start doodling.

Make sure from the next time to sketch not just to kill time but to upload on Happyzozo. Earn online by making happy sketches.

Happyzozo image

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