How Personal Space Have An Impact On You?

Personal environment

Your personality and well being is a summation of your choices, past experiences, emotional abilities, and social impact which summoned to your personal space.

There are instances where we tend to become more comfortable around someone or at some places specifically.

Our voices become more confident, and our thoughts start rushing inside our minds just as we enter a specific place. We suddenly start feeling more confident and positive only by the aura of those surroundings.

Why this happens?

Well because believe it or not the choices which you make today are the collective bunch of minute decisions which you have taken in the past in response to your social & personal space.

There are tonnes of factors to influence personal space, for instance:

* Which makes you feel claustrophobic in a particular space while it can be warm and comfortable for a specific set of individuals.

* One specific shade which makes you uneasy and uncomfortable.

* A daunting smell like of petrol or nail paint which can be a pleasure for someone and hellish for others like me!

* Mattresses and pillows which can be a thorn bed for someone while a cozy cot for others.

* someone is hooked to jazz while others prefer EDM.

These instances are not formed within minutes or even in a day. These are a result of endless choices for a particular thing which makes your decision concrete for that thing.

These traits are a result of your

* social factor.
*Emotional capability.
*Thought process.
* Family & friends.
*past experiences.

Identifying and knowing your biases for something is very useful for your productivity.

You should be able to identify the comfort zone that makes you work quicker and smarter.

There is no harm in favoring certain conditions of the environment for your productivity as I said earlier you are not doing it intentionally.

Here are specific examples that will help you understand it in a better manner.

*If you prefer working in a clean workplace then you should always stand by it and never compromise with it. Try to work in a cleaner workplace as you are doing it for better productivity at work. There is nothing selfish about it.

* Some people get irritated by the chirping of birds. It deprives them of their focus and thinking abilities. There is nothing wrong with it. You should have the freedom of shutting down the windows completely to not allow their noise to hamper your health and focus.

* A particular shade of the wall can be uncomfortable for someone. It makes them restless and unproductive. Assert your bias regarding this as there is nothing incorrect about this.

You should inculcate the habit of analyzing your thoughts and choices for a healthier future.

If you ignore these zones of comfort and continue to work or stay with constant conflict within your mind, then you will have to pay a much larger price for this.

So give time to yourself, breathe, and decide what bothers you in a workplace or study that hampers you from working and being productive!

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-Written by Khansa(Intern at BoldBlush)

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