Dumas Beach Of Surat, Place One Must Visit

Dumas beach of gujarat

I woke up at the break of dawn to get ready to go to the famous Dumas beach of Surat. My eyes were weary and my mind wasn’t even functioning yet.

Nonetheless, I braved the gravity of the floors and dragged myself to the car. The morning calm and the chirping of the birds did nothing but make me drowsier.

After an hour of a peaceful journey and fighting off my sleep, the beach was finally in sight. The vast expanse of black sand was devoid of humans. Since it was a weekday, I presume that was a common sight on Dumas beach.

It was unlike the crowded beaches of Mumbai. I took pleasure over the fact that I had the beach more or less to myself. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the gentle wind ruffle my hair.

The scent of the ocean intoxicated me and calmness seeped into my very soul. I walked for miles.

The clouds rolled across the sky over my head and the waves swept the sand beneath my feet. The empty beach was enthralling. I could clear my mind and contemplate on a few things that had bothered me for a while.

I shed my footwear and felt the soft sand between my toes. After hours of enjoying the peace and calm, it was finally the time to head back.

But that was not before I quenched my parching throat with coconut water. After all, what is the meaning of a visit to the beach without drinking coconut water? Coconut water is a must-have in any beach trip.

There was also an option of camel riding and horse riding if anyone would like to try.

Moving on, on my way back I made a pit stop at a famous bhajia shop. A trip to Dumas beach without visiting this bajjiyawala shop was considered futile.

The shop garners the attention of the local residents along with wandering travellers and biker gangs. The tomato bhajjiyas were especially delicious.
And so came an end to my trip to the Dumas beach.

Since I visited on a weekday morning, it was not crowded. There were hardly any people. But, the stalls famous for their street food were also closed.

There were only a couple of them open at the beach. For bhajiya shop was five minutes away by car.

The trip was fun and peaceful. I got some ‘me’ time and I also got a chance to taste the famous bhajis. It is worth making a trip there, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

-Written by Aaghna( Intern at BoldBlush)

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