How To Look Fashionable And Stylish With NO MONEY

Style on budget

We all dream to look great at every outfit we wear for college or work.

Being gorgeous and stylish is not about how much bucks you can spend for it. It depends on how you analyse yourself and choose particular outfits and accessories that define you elegantly.

The trick lies in how good we are at picking stuffs that actually matter.

Here are few tips to make you look fashionable and stylish with no money:

1. Examine your wardrobe:

It is the sole criteria which will determine how good you will look.

Just ditch going out for a party in the weekend and devote that entire time in examining and analysing your wardrobe.

Look out for the things you actually need and do not need. Be critical with yourself .

Make two different piles of clothings and distinguish them as wearable and unwearable. Then your next job is to sort out your entire collection of outfits and accessories in those exact 2 piles of fabrics.

This will help you to have a clear idea what do you lack in your outfits and what are the extras which are not needed and play no role in making yourself look good.

This will help you to spend money wisely while shopping thus it will save your pocket from a pinch!

2. Invest in good quality bras and underpants:

This is a big mistake done by many college students who sacrifice the quality of their undergarments just to buy a more expensive outfit.

Choose the correct cup size according to your breasts and go for push up bras for outfits that yearns to show your cleavage.

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3. Choose the right Neck style:

Slimmer girls should go for off shoulder tops or a boat neck styled tops to highlight their collarbones while healthier girls should go for a V-shaped tops.

Choosing you neck style in an appropriate matter defines your entire appearance of the outfit.

If you are not blessed with a tall slim neck then you can go for a shirt collared neck style. This will give you a classic look without exposing your neck!

While choosing an outfit choose the style of the neck at first as this is extremely important.

4. Pamper yourself regularly:

This does not imply that you should go to a lavish salon to get your nails and hair done.

Make a homemade oatmeal scrub and apply it on your face every once a week to get rid of dust and pollutants accumulated in your pores.

Trim your nails with a good quality nail accessory.

Wax your legs and arms properly and apply moisturizer regularly to have that healthy shine.

5. Decide your signature hairdo:

Just spend a few hours infront of the mirror and experiment with various hairstyles you know. Then decide which hairstyle should be done everyday at work or college without hassle.

Get rid of your split ends from your ponytails just with a pair of scissors while you are simply watching a TV show and Voila!

Your split ends have reduced without even visiting to the parlour.

6. Invest in a good quality shapewear:

If you have a pot belly and you crave to wear that red dress to a prom which exposes your belly fat then shape wears come to your rescue.

Choose according to your body type and hide your extra fat like a pro and flaunt your body like a diva!

7. Show less skin:

Whatever outfits you wear make it a point that you show lesser area of your skin for a classic look.

If you want to wear a mini skirt then don’t wear a blouse exposing your cleavage and shoulders.

Else if you plan to flaunt your collar bones then don’t go for outfits exposing your legs!

Believe me exposing both things at a time lowers the beauty of your body parts itself as the concentration of the viewers shuffles between your legs and cleavage!

8. Repeat your outfits like a Pro:

We all hesitate to repeat dresses . However you can glam it up with an eyecatching clutch or a new kind of hairstyle with that outfit.

You can also experiment with different types of bottom wears for that same kurti just to make it look like a different outfit altogether!

9. Remove your make up before going to bed:

Be really careful to clean up your face before going to bed to allow your skin to breath fresh air and to unclog the pores.

Going to bed without removing your make up might lead to outburst of pimples and acne due to clogging of pores.

10. Buy 2-3 statement solid coloured shrugs:

This will help you a lot in layering your outfits.

This will even help you while repeating your outfits.

Layering goes a long way in making you look gorgeous and stylish if done correctly.

11. Choose fabrics that suit your body type:

Your body type should be analysed before while buying an outfit.

Slimmer girls should go for thicker fabrics or flowy fabrics that make you look bulgier while healthier ones should go for synthetics and georgettes.

12. Choose accessories wisely:

Buy a few pair of earrings and necklaces that can be teamed up with maximum outfits in your wardrobe.

The classic chanda balis can be flaunted any time of the season.

A delicate pendant and an anklet works wonders for every girl. Beaded necklaces with solid coloured plain T-shirts can glam up your entire look.

13. Invest in few but good quality footwears:

This may sound luxurious but your shoes define your personality. They play a great role in making first impressions. Hence you cannot compromise with this part your style regime.

Go for pointed pumps if you want to hide your toenails . Else go for airy sandals to flaunt that bright nail colour on your toe nails

14. Buy the Classics:

This implies that your wardrobe should be devoid of
• a few basic solid colored T-shirts like black,blue,white.
•A good quality pair of denims that suit your legs to go with the maximum outfits in your wardrobe
• few multicolored flowy scarves and stoles to jazz up your day when you are repeating an outfit.
• Classic pair of earrings or hoops to brighten up your entire face.

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Looking fashionable and stylish becomes a cakewalk if you understand the concept of using the right outfits and accessories that actually suit your body type.

– Written by Khansa (Intern at BOLDBLUSH)

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