19 Tips To Time Management That Will Enhance Your Productivity

Time management

‘Tick Tock Tick Tock’ manage me and your day will rock.

Of course, it’s the ‘TIME’!!!!!!!!

‘A goal without a plan is a wish’ says -Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Here are some 20 tips to time management for planning your time and turning your wishes into goals.

1. Wake up early

The most important time management tip is to wake up as soon as possible. To manage time, one should have the most time, which you can gain by waking up early. Keep in mind, first to bed and soon to rise makes the man healthy and wise.

Many successful people like Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Tim Cook have a habit of getting up early, and they use their time in the right way.

2. Prepare a To-Do list

It takes not more than 10 minutes, and this will help you in getting an overview of your work and how and when to manage them.

Writing down your tasks clears up your messed mind and gives you a sweet satisfaction every morning. There are many apps available for the same. An excellent start to a good day.

3. Prioritize your goals

Every task is essential in its way, but prioritizing them makes it crystal clear how much time to invest in one mission.

Sometimes we give importance to a time-consuming and challenging work even though it is not so crucial at that moment. One thing that I learned from 4 hour work week book. Hence, the essential task gets delayed. So, while preparing the to-do list itself, think and focus on the tasks.

4. Cut yourself some slack

There is no harm in thinking a bit selfish. Heavy work and pushing too hard for something leads to an unhealthy and tiring brain.

You might feel that you are completing your tasks, but are you enjoying it? And apart from also enjoying, this way your responsibilities become more time consuming as you get tired mentally and physically, thus your tasks keep postponing which can be frustrating.

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Plan accordingly, take some rest and achieve your goals.

5. Prefer smart work over hard work

Hard work may bring out the best in any task, but you have to accept the fact that it takes a lot of time. Lazy people find the most straightforward and smartest way to complete a task as quick as possible.

Well, thinking lazy will finally get paid for working smart.

6. Give yourself a deadline

‘Deadline’, this one word gets you all worked up and awakens all your senses. The bitter truth is sometimes even though you know the importance of your work, and you keep lingering it.

In college, you completed assignments even in one day due to fear of the deadline. In real life too, put in place this tip of time management and complete your work on time.

7. Follow the Kaizen method

It is a Sino-Japanese method, meaning improvement. The main idea behind this technique is small daily improvements that lead to significant changes. Try doing the same work at the same time every day for 21 days, and it will become your habit.

E.g., You brush every day, this has become your habit, and it isn’t difficult for you. This method works for exercise and workouts.

8. Seek help

The ‘Time and Work’ problems from our school books have taught us that work done by a team finishes faster rather than done by the individual.

If you sometimes take the help of relevant people, your work can get compleated before time.

9. Prepare a timetable

Remember your school days; we always followed a timetable in some of the other manner, like getting up on time, having lunch on time, doing daily homework etc. Weren’t those peaceful days? The timetable was one of the reasons, and you could fall asleep on time.

Never bombard yourself with tons of chain works, take a short time between to relax and refresh your brain. It is of utmost importance.

10. Keep your things organized

A messy room may look cool like you don’t care about this stuff and all, but deep inside you know that is bothering you. Keeping things organized keeps your mind also organized.

Once you get everything organized, you will save your time searching for things, you won’t misplace anything, and of course, it will feel better.

Motivate yourself, there is no better pushing you, than motivation.

Simple daily life experiences of other people can be motivating. Look at your parents; they are the epitome of time management. We often ignore their management skills, but these things are even not taught at an MBA college. Other motivation may be from social media videos, stories, and your friend’s success in their field.

Motivation to time management is motivation to a successful life.

11. Keep yourself busy

By saying keep yourself busy, I don’t mean to tire you with tons of work but, make the most time of your day. An active person has better chances of doing work than a free person.

A free person tends to postpone the work by saying there is still a lot of time, but a busy person knows that he doesn’t have much time and tries to complete the same job before running out of time. Doing things on time gives you more time for relaxation.

12. Earn more time

I know you must be thinking, how can you earn time when all you get is a fixed set of 24 hours, one week and 12 months. Well, what I mean is, time saved is time earned.

Stop wasting your time on things that are not at all productive and do not give anything in return.

By returns, I don’t mean only in monetary terms, but also happiness, self-care, something new to learn, etc.

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13. Reward yourself

Another best way to motivate you is to praise yourself. When you manage the time yourself always reward yourself with something or at least pat your back.

If you start loving yourself, you will move a step closer to success and satisfaction.

14. Prefer calling over chatting

Now, this one is the simplest yet most ignored tip of time management. When things can get completed over calls, why waste time chatting. In your daily routines, in offices or colleges, many tasks involve other people also. Communicating with these people over chats is too time-consuming and can cause ambiguity.

15. Stay clear of distractions

Distractions lead to doubling the time required to fulfil a job.

E.g., many of us now have a habit of checking cell phones now and then, no concentration and focus in single work will take much more time for completion. Apart from a cell phone, there may be other distractions too, and well keep your mind absorbed while doing the work and it will get completed in less amount of time.

16. Replace your time

It is somewhat like to ‘earn more time’ point. In this strategy, prepare a chart of two columns. In the first column note down all the things you give time to but are not needed. In the second column note all the hobbies (writing, reading, dancing, etc. which you have left behind or are lagging), household chores(organizing cupboard, trying a new recipe, etc.), others(visiting the bank, learning something new, etc.).

Now, try to match where work gest switched with the hobby column. This way, you will see how much time you have.

E.g., You can replace surfing on social media websites (actually a waste and brain blocker) with reading a good novel.

17. Multitasking

This tip is a bit difficult at the start, but once you get used to it, you will be an expert in managing time and completing many works in limited time.

For this, you can stack the same kinds of work together and complete them. You can even find out easy ways for doing such tasks; your smart work and organization skills can be useful here.

But don’t get yourself tired in this process, only do multitask with smaller things.

18. Appoint a mentor

Even if you make a schedule, you should stick to it. If you are failing to keep a check on yourself, you must allow someone else to control your schedule.

You don’t have to appoint someone with a salary, but friends or family can help you. It’s okay to let others control you for your benefit.

19. Leave the comfort zone

Don’t plan in mind, get yourself out of the couch and start implementing it in real.

One more thing about getting out of the comfort zone is to stop giving the lame excuse of ‘No Time’.

Everyone has equal time; it’s how one makes the most of it. I hope you will apply these tips of time management in your life to become more productive 🙂

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