10 Unique Things I Learned | 4 Hour Work Week Summary

4 hour work week

4 hour work week summary | As you have read the title, I want to tell you that 4 Hour Work Week is a kind of thesis or some kind of a guide more rather than just a book.

So I thought why not to write a post including some great points which I got to know from it.

I am happy that I have a platform to share this with a huge audience.


4 hour work week summary->

1. To have more quality and less clutter

Now obviously we all are a sucker of quantities, we want more and more, and we are never fully satisfied.

But we never give a thought that actually having that one good pair of shoes is much better than thousands of cheap quality.

And as a great example we know the founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, if he wouldn’t have prioritised the QUALITY, Apple would have never been invented.

2. Less is not laziness

Doing less meaningless work so that you can save your time for many important things is not being lazy.

Even minimalism is all about having more efficient things in life.

less is more

3. Things in excess become their opposite

Now you all were thinking about why she is repeating the same point.

No, I am not.

If you have ever noticed we never value things which we have in surplus because we know we can’t have a deficiency of it in our entire lifetime.

We take them granted.

4. Excitement is the more practical synonym for happiness

So try to chase that.

If you are excited about something, then you will gonna enjoy a lot during the process.

5. Do not multitask

Yes if you prioritise things appropriately, there is no need.

You may increase your efficiency rate with multitasking, but you will definitely decrease your efficiency.

6. Cultivating selective ignorance

Develop a low information diet.

To know everything that’s happening around is not essential all the time.

Just have a gist of it.

Rather than focus on rich information that actually makes your brain muscles work.

7. Too many choices = less or no productivity

Considering options costs your attention.

And attention is a necessity for being highly productive.

So wasting your attention on a useless thing can be hazardous.

8. Regret is past tense decision making

You are because of what you had decided.

Now complaining about the whole life can’t change your decisions.

9. What Do You Want? A Better Question, First of All

Ask this, if you are not happy or unsatisfied.

If you can answer this, you know what to proceed, how will follow.

10. Do not expect work to fill a void that non-work relationships and activities should

The most important thing I think.

Most people who earn a lot think they own everything.

But as the saying goes-“Money can’t buy everything”.

Tips For Building A Long Lasting relationship Forever

This was 4 hour work week summary from my view.

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