How To Stay Young Forever On A Low Budget

Look young forever

Stay young forever is everybody’s wish and that too on a low budget is cherry on the top. So here I am telling you some cool tips.

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder!” – Wordsworth.

Indeed the quote implies for individuals of this century as well.

So in order to make yourself highly appealing in front of the panel or your colleagues you have to make your looks and appearance as your priority.

You should take out some time everyday religiously to nurture and heal yourself.

Each individual is born with a characteristic beauty and special features.

This particular article is interesting to read in a way that it involves styling and grooming yourself without a single penny spent.

Keeping all doubts aside which have already arisen in your curious minds here are few tips and tricks to Stay young forever and to make you the talk of the town without using a single buck for it.

Stay hydrated:

This is a major game changer when it comes to beauty.

No matter how much contouring you do or how much anti ageing products you apply on your face if you are not properly hydrated then all those are a complete waste of money.

Drink at least 4 litres of water every day. Water helps flush out toxins from your skin through sweat. This will keep your skin elastic and keep wrinkles at bay.


Include fresh food items in your diet. Consume products rich in vitamin C as they are beneficial for the skin.

Eat more greens and dairy products to have healthy nails and hair.

Stop having Oily food items:

I present this point separately just to highlight the fact that eating extra oily food makes you more prone to pimples and acne in the longer run.

Soothe your eyes:

Eyes occupy 65% of your viewer’s attention. So it is really important to take good care of it.

Do not stress your eyes by the constant use of laptops and mobile devices.

You can use cucumber discs to cool down the areas around your eyes.

You can use the front part of your wrists to give your eyes a gentle massage. This will increase blood flow around the area of your eyes and enhance the natural beauty of the eyes.

Build up a rock hard self-confidence within yourself:

Beauty also involves a great deal of confidence within you.

As long as you are not comfortable with every feature of your body you will never be satisfied and you will always try to alter this.

Building confidence is just like building your muscles and it can only be achieved with really strong will power.

Show less skin:

Now if you are a fashionista than it is a different case.

But the exposure of your skin to direct sunlight may harm you in the long run.

Exercises and yoga:

Traditional exercises like yoga asanas are well known for enhancing your neck and facial muscles.

Do take out 30 minutes each day for practising yoga asanas or go out for a light jog every day.

This is recommended for everyone who wants to look awesome without any kind of expensive treatments.

Boycott stress:

The best way is to nurture yourself and worry less about things you don’t have control over.

The amount of wrinkles on your face is directly proportional to the amount of stress you take.

So Beware!

Get proper sleep:

Sleep is a nature’s way of healing wear and tear of tissues and skin.

Getting a standard amount of sleep makes your skin tighter and glowing.

It also decreases stress and increases blood circulation.

Select proper apparels:

Now grooming plays a very important role in staying young.

If you look good you get confidence and compliments which can make your day more productive.

Analyse your body type then buy them to enhance maximum savings!

Maintain hygiene:

Keep your pillow covers clean and fragrant to induce good quality sleep and untangled hair. This is one of the most amazingtipsp to Stay young forever.

Hygiene goes a long way in giving you a smarter and attractive look!

-Written by Khansa (Intern at BoldBlush)

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