How To Use Aloe Vera For Hair Growth

Aloe vera

Aloe Vera for hair and skin is a god’s gift. Here are some of the ways to answer how to use aloe vera for hair growth.

Aloe Vera: “I am thorny but green;

I keep things pretty and clean”

This graceful looking plant with clear creamy water (we’ll call it gel) filled inside in its leaves is a good and low cost doctor for our skin and hair as well.

One of the many reasons for hair loss is the dry scalp, aloe Vera, in turn, moisturizes scalp, clears dandruff, and itchy skin leading to a reduction in hair loss.

It acts as a good conditioner and makes your hair healthy.

The malic acids present in the gel are the best anti-aging solution for your skin.

Mucopolysaccharides moisturize the skin, reduces acne, and make it glow.

Vitamins A, C, and E are also present in the gel.

We know that our skin is not a snake skin to shed and get a new one, but also remember it rejuvenates itself in like a cycle of 21 days.

Below are some simple ways to make the most out of this amazing herb and answer how to use aloe vera for hair growth.

Direct gel application

Neatly slice an aloe Vera leaf at its base from the plant and scrape the green outer skin.

Next, scoop the gel from the leaf with a spoon and apply gently to your dry scalp.

Let it do its work for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off with plain water or shampoo.

Use the same procedure (except shampoo) for your facial skin as well.

Try this twice a week to get good results.

Castor oil and Aloe Vera mask

Castor oil is rich in ricinoleic acid, hence a good natural moisturizer.

It helps the aloe Vera gel to stay in place and together they work great.

Mix one tablespoon of castor oil with the scooped gel from a medium aloe leaf in a bowl.

Whip it mildly till they blend into each other.

Apply this mixture on the scalp and gently massage, also apply on hair and tips.

Leave it for 1-2 hrs and rinse it off to get smoother silkier hair.

Apply the same style mixture on a clean washed face and massage smoothly.

Leave this face pack for15-20 minutes (relax and listen to soft music to enjoy the mask) and rinse it off with cold water.

Repeat the process 2-3 times a week.

Aloe Vera scrub

Nothing works better than a scrub for removal of blackheads, whiteheads, or cleansing the unseen dirt from your face.

It also opens your pores which are clogged due to dead skin.

A combination of half cup of aloe Vera gel, one cup sugar, and 2 tablespoons of lemon forms the best scrub.

Sugar exfoliates dead skin, aloe Vera moisturizes and nourishes it and lemon has anti-bacterial properties that reduce acne and brightens up the skin.

These ingredients work as a team, each one handling one thing.

Always scrub gently for glowing skin; harsh rubbing may lead to skin damage.

Aloe Vera ice cubes

Rubbing ice cubes on your face soothes the skin and absorbs the excess oils.

Imagine if you had aloe Vera ice cubes, it’s like the cherry on top.

Pour a mixture of gel and rose water into your ice trays and Ta-da!!

You get your new facial ice cubes.

It is a simple yet effective method to cure sunburn and anti-aging for youthful face.

You can even use these ice cubes to calm your eyes, which reduces their puffiness and dark circles.

Hair massager for hair growth-

Consumption of Aloe Vera for hair and skin  –

The road to good skin is through your stomach.

A clean and toxic-free stomach gives a clean skin.

We always noticed our parents and grandparents warning us about our eating habits, well they are right.

The junk food we have, has a lot of adverse effects (then to it’s hard to control it, right?), aloe Vera helps you nullify these effects.

You can directly swallow the gel by scooping from leaves, it’s a bit astringent to taste, but you know, a moment on lips forever on hips (in our case stomach), one of the best home remedies for stomach.

Tough call? , ok you can add the gel to any sweet juice and then consume it.

This way or that way it should be pushed down your tummy to have great skin and beautiful hair.

Instead of using all artificial cosmetics (with a fear of side effects), always prefer natural ways because it’s your skin and hair we are talking about.


Of course, natural ways take their own time and need patience but someone has rightly said in the Hindi language, ‘Sabra ka fal meetha Hota hai’.

– Written by Rutuja Daphale(Intern at BoldBlush)

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