Everything You Need To Know About Minimalism


The lesser you have, the better it is“.

This article is meant to discuss the grassroots idea of Minimalism.

We go on grabbing every opportunity, every resource without even giving proper research to it.

Due to tonnes of varieties available in every corner of the world we often end up buying useless stuff which we might not even use.

It clutters our mind and slowers our mental growth.

Minimalism is all about deleting needless options available to us and to make the best use of the available resources at hand.

It will challenge the potential of our mind, which is infinite and expand our thinking abilities and enhance our decision making the skill.

  • Benefits of being a minimalist

1. Strengthens your financial status:

At some point in our life, we all have spent too generously in shopping for useless stuff and drains your finances in the blink of an eye and makes you weak at the judgement.

2. Enhances your Productivity-

Wasting your time deciding what to wear for meeting today drains away 20-30 minutes of your day.

However, if you had only a certain number of items of clothing as much as you NEED, then these 30 minutes could have been used in doing something productive.

3. Your mind will be peaceful:

As it is quite evident that to make the smallest choice of which cuisine to eat today or which movie to go in the weekend, we overuse our brain and exhaust it.

The constant practice of minimalism will allow your mind to breathe and lower its load of making hundreds of decision every day.

You can then use this relaxed mind to make better decisions.

4. You will have stronger bonds with people:

As a minimalist, you will be building relationships with people that matter in your life as your mind get recharged all day and you can give better solutions to others or can listen adequately, which is a crucial thing in building a long-lasting relationship.

5. You will experience real Joy:

Have you ever looked at a beaming smile of a needy child by the roadside when you give him a packet of biscuits?

This smile is pure and satisfying. The stuff we buy without giving a second thought can help orphans and people living on the streets.

  • How To Implement Minimalism In Daily Life-

Here are a few hacks that make you a successful minimalist with least amount of effort.

1. Uninstall needless Apps on your smartphone:

Start your journey of being a minimalist by deleting the apps which you have never used in a month.

Think twice before installing any app which you want.

Question yourself will I ever open this app after 2-3 days.

It will train your mind to question furthermore significant decisions of buying a seaside facing bungalow or an expensive car.

2. Stop using credit cards:

The worst part of using it is that it gives you limitless freedom to purchase anything without thinking twice.

You end up buying an expensive perfume which starts irritating you after a couple of weeks.

Credit cards give you a false hope that you can afford anything with the help of loans which is a trap.

3. Stop accepting friend requests from unknown people:

This will save you time and energy at more significant levels.

Just for the sake of likes and comments on your uploads eats away your tremendous amounts of valuable time.

Making a Friend list of 2000 friends does not work in the real world.

Instead, you should spend your time wisely with 2-3 of your actual friends and build a strong relationship with them.

4. Donate needless clothes and pieces of furniture:

We often clutter our home and wardrobe with unnecessary things available in the shops. It will save your money which will further give you immense joy and pleasure.

5. Stop reading every news article and messages forwarded to you:

This simple act is also a sign of minimalism.

The incident which you have no control over should not be read or forwarded.

The unimportant jokes and memes which are not healthy for your mind should be instantly deleted before reading them.

Only those things should be watched, read and forwarded, which is healthy for my personal growth.

6. Invest your money:

It will enable you to keep an idea of your finances and help in your financial growth.

You will start valuing every penny, and soon you will become an expert in dealing with monetary transactions according to your needs.

7. Minimise your habit of binge-watching Netflix shows:

It is consuming the more significant portion of your hard-earned weekends which should be used to pamper your body and mind.

Watch shows up to a specific limit but don’t overwatch it just to complete an entire season.

Instead, take a long shower, play with your dog, converse with your parents, go for a special evening with your spouse.

8. Check the price of items before picking up:

This physical pause of pulling out the price tag and cringing your eyes to look for the amount of the items will give you a natural period to reconsider your decision of actually buying it.

It will help you a lot in saving your money and will also make your wardrobes less occupied by useless things.

9. Assign a reliable friend of yours to stop you from overspending money or overwatching shows online:

It will help you when you lose over your willpower, like an external agent which reminds you often so that you are in the assigned track of being a minimalist.

A guide or a mentor always helps.

10. Minimise your time of being online on social media:

It is also a crucial step in this era of technology where we have the constant urge of opening Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp from time to time.

For a day, you can count the number of times you opened WhatsApp, Facebook or Twitter then analyse yourself if you really need to implement the concept of Minimalism.

In this way, you can utilise that extra chunk of time in learning something fun in a short time.

11. Silence NOTIFICATIONS of your social media apps:

Believe me or not, you will not miss any update.

Yes, it is true.

We often suffer from a crisis of FOMO: Fear Of Missing Out where we are in a constant rush of going through every notification in our homepage so that we remain updated with the world.

Sadly, this is not the case.

Even if you go through your piled up notifications once a day instead of glancing at them now and then, you will not fall behind others.

12. Take out time to visit the slums/orphanages of your area:

It will teach you how a portion of people are continually struggling day and night to make both ends meet.

They have a limited source of opportunities, a limited income and no education.

The conditions of their survival with the least things available to them will help you in realising minimalism to a greater extent.

They are void of necessary resources for survival while we remain dissatisfied even when we have more than enough resources available to us.

Minimalism helps us to differentiate between our desires and our needs for survival. It is all about realising the importance of each and every resource available to us and to make the best possible use of it. This ensures that there should be no wastage of resources, so that it can be utilised by the people who are lacking it.

-Written by Khansa (Intern at BoldBlush)

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  1. I like the title and the different idea you chose.

    Sometimes we suffered a lot due to lots of things and luxuries we have. You are right.


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