10 Colourful Places In India You Need To Visit

Colorful cities of India

Colourful Places in India You Should not miss out for your Instagram pictures and happy memories. For photography lovers these cities are boon.

‘Butterfly 🦋 which colour you want?’

Do you remember playing this game in childhood?

Let’s play the same game with Indian cities now


This is the largest city and the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir is pretty well known for its natural wide collection of various coloured roses.

It’s like Mother Nature has sprayed a lot of sundry colours on these flowers and the outcome is purely enchanting.

The Indira Gandhi Tulip garden located on foothills of Zabarwan mountain range in Srinagar with a mesmerizing view of Dal Lake and spread over 30 acres is filled with roses, tulips, daffodils, Iris, etc.

Name a colour and you are bound to find that coloured flower in this city.


The capital city of Himachal Pradesh is a magical city featuring two different colours at two different times of the year.

It’s a serene green city in summer (with clear skies) and monsoon for the months from May to September and a miraculous white city covered in snow from October to April.

It’s a romantic honeymoon destination and also a good place for camping


The most religious city in the district Mathura (Birthplace of Lord Krishna) is famous for the origin and grand celebration of Holi- the festival of colours.

No other city can be more colourful than Vrindavan with bright and energetic colours scattered in a rhythmic manner in air.

The tale goes that lord Krishna compared his skin tone (dark) with that of his friend Radha (who was fair) and kept complaining about it to his mother Yashodha.

She in return suggested to colour Radha in a teasing manner, hence started the tradition of Holi.

Top 6 Places To Visit In Vrindavan 


The pink city (Capital of Rajasthan), almost every Indian is familiar with this charming, literally pink painted city.

Almost all the buildings are painted pink, in 1876 due to Maharaja Ram Singh of Jaipur and even now as compelled by law to maintain the historical importance.

In 1876, to welcome the Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria, Maharaja ordered to colour the whole city pink as the colour signify hospitality.

The view and culture of this city are breathtaking.


After Jaipur, the same state has a blue city named Jodhpur.

The old parts of the city have blue houses; there are many adages about it.

One of them is, King Rao Jodha ordered to paint all the houses blue, another saying goes that the blue houses belong only to Brahmins in the city.

Some say, this city receives a lot of sunlight (hence, also known as Suncity) and the blue colour helps to maintain a cool temperature.


Rajasthan has many monochromatic cities after the above two, Jaisalmer known as the golden city of India is situated on edge of yellowish sandstone.

Apart from this, the city is honoured with a golden, Jaisalmer fort, locally known as ‘Sonar Quilla’.

The yellow stone architecture and the sunny bright light furnishes an ultimate view of a gold-like city, hence the name golden city.


This city lies in Maharashtra and is the leading producer of oranges.

Most of the oranges are exported from Nagpur in the months of February and March as there is a shortage during this period in international markets.

Due to which you can see a lot of buildings there painted in orange colour.


One of the most developing cities in Odisha is famous for its silver filigree works.

The silverwork from here is worldwide famous for its creative designs, hence it derived the name Silver city.

I imagined the city might look whimsical dressed in silver.


This peaceful and calm city in Maharashtra is well-known for Kaas plateau, which has 850 varied species of flowering plants.

These delightful flowers attract colourful butterflies enhancing the view of the area.

The flowers bloom only in this area as it is made up of basalt and is directly exposed to the atmosphere.


The capital of Goa and the most happening city is lined by spectacular colourful houses.

Fountainhas is a Portuguese inspired quarter in Panji with unique architecture of old villas and buildings with colourful balconies and red roofs.

These historic houses are remodeled into art galleries a week every year for representing art culture of Goa.

-Written by Rutuja(Intern at BOLDBLUSH)

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