10 Summer Drinks Non Alcoholic To Beat The Heat

Summer drinks

Cool summer drinks non alcoholic that can hydrate us. In summers hydration is very important to beat the heat.

Summer is here and we have already started to perspire from head to toe!

This time of the year involves rigorous physical and mental tiredness.

Most of us suffer from sudden illness due to the scorching heat of the sun and poor immunity levels of our body.

Therefore it becomes necessary for us to keep ourselves hydrated.

The basic survival technique during this time of the year is to eat and drink freshly prepared items.

Proper food and drinks, if taken accordingly for a particular season, make our physical and mental state quite alert.

Also, these drinks are excellent conversation starters.

So here are 10 summer drinks non alcoholic to beat the heat!

1. Roohafza:

This red caramel fluid works wonders with any fluids you choose.

It goes smoothly with lassi, cold milk or a simple lemonade and energizes you from within and helps you to go out and achieve maximum!

2. Jaljeera :

This unusual blend of exotic Indian spices with a zing of lemon juice and mint leaves mixed together in a glass of chilled water refreshes and energises your mood instantly.

3. Lassi:

This traditional North Indian drink works wonders in the time of burning heat waves such as loo.

Many variations can be done with this drink and can be used in the sweetened or salty form as liked by the individual.

Yoghurt is a very healthy option for diet conscious people hence lassi is an ideal form of drink for them.

4. Pina colada mocktail:

Highly nutritious and tasty.

Coconut is the main constituent of this drink. It boosts instant energy and calms your mind.

Or you can simply also have coconut water.

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5. Watermelon fizz :

This drink is made from watermelon juice accompanied with plain soda and a hint of lemon.

This is a naturally sweetened drink and requires no external addition of sugar.

6. Purple rain:

A combination of black grapes and milk.

A mauve coloured smoothie that grabs many eyeballs!

Served with cubes of ice and a cube of crystallized sugar.

It is a heavenly drink of summers.

7. Aam Panna:

Mangoes are seen in plenty during summers.

Our nation is blessed with a high production of this fruit in large quantities and varieties.

8. Fruity popsicle drink:

This is a sophisticated drink served with fresh fruity ice popsicles and a citrus juice of lemon or lime.

You can make this drink interesting by the addition of attractive food colours.

It is very popular among kids.

9. Mint and pomegranate sin:

This intense red coloured drink with a slight taste of mint is very nutritious and refreshing for the body and the mind.

It serves as a blessing in disguise during summers.

10. Lemon, basil and cucumber mojito:

This drink is highly refreshing and cools your entire body from head to toe after a few minutes of its consumption.

It is ideal for people who are attacked with sudden heatstroke and helps to revive the energy and vitality of the body.

These summer drinks non alcoholic drinks are excellent alternatives to carbonated soft drinks and tetra packed juices laden with preservatives. Loaded with a high amount of Vitamin C and essential nutrients they are an ideal source of a healthy diet during summers when we mostly have little desire to eat.

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  1. I like lassi most. I am taking lassi daily these days.

    Thanks for reminding me Aam Panna too. I used to drink it in my childhood days😊


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