20 Fun Skills To Learn In 5 Minutes NOW

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Fun skills to learn in 5 minutes or easy things to teach people. Make your extra time productive. Learn More in the article.

Engaging your mind in something new is fun. The hassle of everyday work/college often tired your mind.

Learning tiny, simple things once in a while will relax your mind and a relaxed mind is the most productive mind.

Here are 20 fun skills to learn in 5 minutes or easy things to teach people and keep boredom at bay!


Paper boats and birds always grab our eyeballs at any age. With just a couple of coloured square-cut papers, you can make intricate insects, flowers, and birds that will rewind you from the monotonous day.

2. ACRYLIC painting:

With just a simple brush and 2-3 tubes of glossy acrylic paints, you can create your own masterpiece within a few minutes!

You can frame these paintings later and use it to gift someone special or simply to decorate the walls of your drawing room.

3. Learn to say ‘HELLO!’ in 10 different languages

Just to flaunt your curiosity to learn foreign languages among others simply learn a common English phrase in 10 different languages to build up your first impression.

You will just need a smartphone and who knows you also want to learn full language afterwards 😉

4. Simple VEDIC maths:

You can invest 5 minutes of your life to learn the trick of squaring any two-digit numbers within seconds or mental multiplication and division.

A standard YouTube search will do this job. One of the easy things to teach people.

5. Learn to SEW buttons:

This will come very handy when you stay away from home. This technique saves your life from changing your outfit all over again just because of loosely held buttons on your shirt.

6. Learn the basic techniques of STITCHING:

You can invest some time to learn a life long skill, running stitch just for the case of emergencies.

7. Learn to make COCKTAILS:

If possible you can learn some basic trending cocktails at night parties.

If you host house parties often then this technique should be learned without any question!

One of the fun skills to learn in 5 minutes.

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8. Learn to COOK a simple dish:

You can go for any cuisine from all the corners of the world and invest some time to make a quick dish to save yourself from the pangs of hunger.

9. Few classic DANCING steps:

You can devote your 5 minutes to learn some dancing steps that can go with your favourite song.

You can flaunt this later in some abrupt occasion among your family and friends!

10. Some basic relaxing YOGIC postures:

You can learn various postures to soothe your mind and body after a stressful day at your office.

Many yoga techniques are available online.

11. Know your WORLD:

Flip through pages of the Atlas and try to learn the states and capitals of various states, names of famous rivers and oceans, gulfs and straits all around the globe!

12. Learn the techniques of GROOMING yourself:

You can learn some hacks to enhance your appearance.

Learn techniques of contouring your cheekbones or the methods of manicuring your nails.

Grooming Tips For Men

13. Fun with FLAGS:

You can memorize various flags of the countries worldwide and later show off your talents among your peers!

14. Learn to blow up bubblegum!:

Yes with a little effort and a few minutes you can master the art of blowing up eye-catching bubbles.

15. Learn to play SUDOKU:

You can learn sudoku or any Arcade game popular these days. This can be a good conversation starter among newly met people.

16. Learn some HUMOROUS lines:

You can invest your ten minutes to learn some of them. These lines can be used on various occasions among cheerful mates, once in a while to lighten everyone’s mood or to impress someone special.

You can also learn chandler bing quotes as they are pretty hilarious!

17. Learn a few short cut tricks of GOOGLE:

You can memorize various commands to be added with your query in the search bar to get to the point information among billions of data available online within a few milliseconds. This will enhance your productivity to a greater level.

One of the fun skills to learn in 5 minutes as we surf GOOGLE so much.

18. Learn to WHISTLE:

Many of us crave to whistle as the batsman hits the sixer or when a goal is attained after a long time in the World Cup.

Just the right technique and a couple of minutes can teach you this and you are all ready for the next world cup!

19. Learn to wear a SAREE/DHOTI:

Yes it is possible!
Just a will to learn this technique can teach you to wear a saree or dhoti without any hassle within a very short span of time.

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20: Learn to make a brewing cup of special tea or Coffee:

Each one of us craves for a perfect cup of tea/coffee after a tiring day.

The aroma of crushed coffee beans or the spices used in tea soothes our mind and relaxes us.

Various spices and herbs can be used in a beverage that suits your taste buds.

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What are fun things to learn?

Acrylic painting, Origami art and dancing, read full article to know more.

What are the most useful things to learn?

Sudoku, yogic postures and cooking are some useful things to learn quickly.

What can you learn when you're bored?

Social Media, flirting and whistling

What new skills should I learn?

Writing, money negotiations and public speaking

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