10 Tips On How To Fall Asleep Quickly

Sleep hacks

Tips on how to fall asleep quickly for having a good sound sleep in the night. This increases your productivity.

Each one of us desired for deep satisfying sleep.

Good sleep acts as a natural painkiller and helps us to get rid of shocks and bruises for the entire day.

One-third of our life span is occupied in sleeping.

In today’s time, we often compromise with the quality of our sleep.

We study or work for long hours before our bedtime. This hampers our sound sleep.

Not having proper sleep will deprive our long term memory and will make it difficult for us to retain conceptual data and theories in the long run.

Here are 10 tips on how to fall asleep quickly to help you fall asleep instantly in order to increase your productivity exponentially!

1. Perform Yogic-sleep:

This sleep technique is followed in military courses and it allows you to focus simply on each and every part of your body through the eyes of your mind.

The anchor in this process will be your breath.

If at any instance you lose your focus then just bring your attention back to your breath followed by your body.

This technique will help you to sleep like a baby!

2. Warm milk before bedtime:

This will boost up your sleep and it will help you to have a deep sleep.

The casein present in milk digests in a good manner during nighttime.

The addition of a pinch of turmeric in a glass of warm sweetened milk will give you a subtle and intense sleep and will cure you of any muscle cramps.

3. Listening to White noise:

Simply plug in your earphones and play the sound of white noise or an oscillating fan.

The frequency of these sounds will induce sleep naturally and you will be dozing off soon while listening to it.

4. Avoid flashy screens before bedtime:

This is a problem these days that people tend to check the very last WhatsApp message or the very last updated status or the very last tweet just before closing their eyes.

The glare of the screen widens the pupil of your eye and allows the large intensity of the light to reach you.

Thus it destroys your incoming natural sleep and will keep you awake for hours uselessly.

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5. Go for a light walk after dinner:

You should go for a leisurely walk just for a few minutes with your mobiles switched off.

This will relax your mind which is busy processing data throughout the entire afternoon.

A relaxed mind makes you fall asleep very fast.

6. Gently stroke your pet:

If you have a dog or a cat then simply stroke their coat or fur a few times till your eyelids become heavy.

Pets are a huge source of stress busters and a stress-free mind is a relaxed mind.

7. Eat light-weight dinner :

Make sure to have dinner 3 hours before your bedtime. The dinner should be light and less spicy, preferably vegetarian.

This will keep your stomach light and naturally, it will digest your food early.

A light abdomen induces good quality sleep.

8. Read a book:

Pick a novel and start reading without any distractions.

This is the best sleep hack to date and it gives immediate results.

Just after going through 5-6 pages, you will start to doze off completely.

9. Switch off the bright light completely:

This will help you in relaxing and unwinding yourself.

You can use lavender scent or any mild scent beside your bed which will give you a soothing effect.

Gradually you will fall asleep without any effort.

10. Avoid caffeine a couple of hours before bedtime:

Please avoid having coffee or tea before going to bed as it will revive your vitality and it will charge you up to be awake for a few more hours. One of the best tips on how to fall asleep quickly

-Written by Khansa (Intern at BoldBlush)

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