From Silk To Linen – 6 Most Fashionable Saree Fabric For Summer

Saree fabrics

Summers are uncomfortable in terms of clothing. But we do wanna look fashionable too, so from cotton to linen, saree fabric you need to know.

Since the summer season has almost arrived, it’s time to declutter your wardrobe and make it light and breezy.

Shorts, cotton trousers and kurtas are very common in the summer season but have you ever thought of wearing sarees on a regular basis?

Think about the days when it’s too much hot outside to wear a suit, you can easily wear a cotton or linen saree and hit the road to office. Trust me you will be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

Trust me you will be both fashionable and comfortable at the same time.

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So, this summer creates your own style statement with sarees of different fabrics and wear your comfort everywhere.


Well, there is no need to mention that cotton is on high demand throughout the year and especially when it comes to summer. The porous nature of the fabric helps in absorbing and releasing sweat very quickly. This season you can try solid pastel cotton sarees.

Cotton can also blend with other fabrics but pure cotton sarees are preferred for summer seasons.


Linen fabric is well known for its durability. Linen sarees are comparatively more expensive than cotton sarees yet people choose to wear it during the summer days and also throughout the year because it is light-weight and easily washable. You can buy latest Linen Sarees from online stores and I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Tip: Linen sarees get softer with an increased number of washes.


Khadi has exceptional importance when it comes down to the clothing history of India and even now khadi sarees are considered to be extremely elite which is rich in tradition and a part of top-notch Indian fashion. It is a hand-spun fabric and also hand-woven and that is why it’s a little expensive than other fabrics.

So, this summer gets a royal look with khadi sarees.


As we all know silk sarees are very light and easy to carry, it is always a good option for you. They give a stunning look. You can try simple silk sarees for office purpose, designer silk sarees for weddings and pure silk sarees for any parties. Here is a complete guide to buying silk sarees which can help you make the right choice for yourself.


We all hate saree fabric that sticks to our body in summers, isn’t it? The sheer fabric prevents the saree to stick to your body and hence makes it perfect for this season.


It is a woven fabric and is one of the perfect fabrics for summer sarees. Get a subtle look this summer with a breezy chambray saree and make your own style statement.

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Remember that don’t go for heavy fabrics as you will eventually become very uncomfortable in wearing it as it won’t allow the air to pass and might cause skin irritation. My favourite saree fabric is linen sarees, but all that I have mentioned above will form a great fabric for this summer.

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  1. An ethnic garb for every occasion or simply an embodiment of elegance, saree is one of the most traditional Indian wear.India is the home to the beautiful saree and almost every state has its art of printing and weaving a saree.
    and i like you all sarees collactions.


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