8 Fantastic Ways To Bond With A New Roommate


Sharing a room with someone you don’t know since childhood like your parents or siblings is really exciting.

Some of us have the inbuilt qualities of mixing up with people and adapt to their emotional behaviours while some of us don’t have it.

This phase of our life gives us not only a learning experience but also beneficial for our future growth.

People develop strong bonds with a stranger whom they meet in college.

This helps us to learn the qualities of compromising, empathy,compassion and it helps to boost up our emotional intelligence which is a quality possessed by a very few population these days.

So here are 8 tips to give you a chance to bond with a new roommate:

*1. It all begins with a smile:*

Yes it surely does!

Nothing in this planet is as relieving as a gentle natural smile.

This gives a healthy start to any new relationship and makes it remain long lasting.

Smile is the essence of any relationship in any phase of life.

*2. Kindness and helpfulness:*

This attitude helps us to win every situation.

From helping them to lay a sheet on her bed to waking them up for their classes once in a while will take you a long way in building a strong relationship with them.

Just allow yourself to help them.

*3. Talk often:*

Talking about how was your day in college or simply gossiping about the hot guy or the hot chick in your class will spice up your bond.

Who refuses to listen the hot favourite topics of what’s going on in college!

*4. Be a good listener:*

Talking and presenting your emotions via words are necessary and equally important is to listen to them say about their experiences.

Sometimes simply just lending your ear work miracles!

People start trusting you and slowly you become their best friend who is fully aware of your personality.

*5. Respect their comfort zone:*

Now you are sharing a space with some other person whom you don’t know since childhood.

So naturally it becomes difficult to understand at the beginning what annoys them or pleases them in the blink of an eye.

However there are certain things which is possible to do even if you don’t know them personally.


You can simply go out of the room if they are having personal conversations with someone just to make them feel comfortable.

These minute actions will win your roomie’s heart within a few days!

*6. Treat them like your siblings:*

Yes this paves way for a healthier relationship between you all.

The relationship between siblings are pure hearted and subtle which is deep rooted from within.

*7. Choose your roommate wisely:*

This plays a key role in determining how long you can stay with your roomie.

If possible choose a roomie whose habits comply with your own-self then you will not have a hard time staying with them.

For example: If you are a non-smoker and by any chance you choose a roomie who smokes then it will become very difficult to bond with your roomate.

*8. The art of compromising:*

This quality will help you to bond with anyone.

This is the only quality which can build or break a relationship.

If your roommate wants to study till 3 a.m. in the morning for exams but you go to bed early then you should develop the quality of having sound sleep with lights switched on.

This is called compromise.

This will take you a long way towards success in future as by that time you will develop the art of compromising with your bosses at work!

Having a roommate to stay with you is a beautiful phase of your life whose memories will stay forever till the very end of your life.

The gossips about your professors or eating undercooked noodles at 3.a.m. will be embedded in your mind forever.

This will help you to overcome your comfort zone and embrace the realities of life with enjoyment and laughter.

This shapes your personality and also determines how you will deal with your spouse in the later life.

Hence we should accept the idea of having a roommate as an opportunity for our mental and emotional growth.

-Written by Khansa (Intern at BoldBlush)

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